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CPDs That Boost Your Personal Training Career

CPDs-That-Boost-Your-PT-Career-01.jpgA CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certificate will help you to increase your earning potential, develop your knowledge and enhance your skillset beyond the skills developed during your level 3 personal training course.

With people living longer and taking their health more seriously, it’s important for personal trainers to stay on-trend and up-to-date with training methods, fitness classes and the who’s who of the fitness world.

Your clients will be expecting you to deliver a fitness program that is built around the things you have learned whilst studying, along with things they’ve seen on their social media pages like Instagram and YouTube.
CPDs are the perfect way to blend the scientific research and development side of your business with the fitness trends that your clients will be looking for.

Some clients are more than happy to let you lead the way and tell them what to do in order to achieve their goals, while other clients will have a certain type of training they want to try, based upon a celebrity or sports star they follow and will want you to train them in the same way.

Having a number of CPDs under your belt can help you gain more clients as you’re offering various training styles.  
The importance of CPD courses should not be underestimated: not only do they open you up to a broader range of clients, they’ll help you to stand out amongst other personal trainers (PTs) and can even be a deciding factor for clients thinking of hiring you.

Picture the scene, a client walks into a gym looking to hire a personal trainer to help them achieve a certain fitness goal.

They’ve never had a personal trainer before and don’t have any real idea of the training they want, but they are big Anthony Joshua fans and follow him on Instagram.

They check the posters for the trainers available and settle on two they like best.

One is a level 3 personal trainer they have seen around the gym a few times, seems like a nice guy, he’s always smiling but he does seem to do the same workout with different clients. The other is also a level 3 personal trainer but he’s quite new, so they haven’t seen him yet – however it states that he has a CPD in gym-based boxing, bootcamp workshops and kettlebell training.

The client doesn’t see themselves as much of a boxer, but they are pretty sure they just saw a cool picture of Anthony slamming ropes and doing lunges with kettlebells in the gym on one of his Instagram stories! Boom, instant emotional connection, guess which PT gets the enquiry call…

So now we know why you should do a CPD course, let’s look at the options available to you:

CPDs-That-Boost-Your-PT-Career-bootcamp-01.jpgBootcamp Workshop
A bootcamp workshop takes circuit training to the next level. This course will teach you creative ways to deliver high intensity workouts using simple equipment including ropes, kettlebells, sandbags, steps, medicine balls and cones.

CPDs-That-Boost-Your-PT-Career-kettlebell-01.jpgKettlebell Training
Add kettlebell training to your portfolio of skills and gain a competitive edge over other trainers.  This course will teach you how to safely and effectively use kettlebells to increase power, strength and endurance for clients of all ages and abilities.

CPDs-That-Boost-Your-PT-Career-suspencion-training-01.jpgSuspension Training
Developed by the marines, suspension training helps to build and tone your muscles while improving your endurance and stability. Not only is this type of training for all levels, it’s perfect for individual or group training, giving you the potential to earn more per session!
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CPDs-That-Boost-Your-PT-Career-metabolic-training-01-1.jpgMetabolic Circuit Training
Similar to traditional circuit training, metabolic circuit training combines strength and HIIT cardio with a focus on intensity during the workout and rest time. This course covers the essentials you’ll need to know to successfully run a metabolic circuit training programme, ranging from planning, managing health and safety risks to developing a circuit that will improve your client’s performance.
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CPDs-That-Boost-Your-PT-Career-gym-boxing-01.jpgGym-Based Boxing
A firm favourite in gyms worldwide, gym-based boxing will give you the skills to perform and teach a range of boxing and pad work techniques and punch combinations to keep your clients hitting the mark every time. You’ll also learn how to incorporate bodyweight exercises into the workouts to really torch those calories and build muscle.

CPDs-That-Boost-Your-PT-Career-spinning-01.jpgStudio Cycling Workshop (spinning)
Spinning classes are arguably one of the most popular fitness classes available and there is high demand for this CPD course. Here you’ll learn the main riding techniques needed for the class along with the insights and techniques that will help you deliver a great spinning class!
A CPD will not only help to increase your earning potential, it’s also very useful for:
  • Reminding you of your achievements and how far you’ve progressed
  • Demonstrates your commitment and professionalism to both clients and employers
  • Helps to direct your career and set achievement goals

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