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9 super healthy snacks to eat between workouts

You’ve worked hard in the gym and smashed your workout, now it’s time to hit the showers and head home, but you’re feeling peckish and that vending machine is starting to look tempting…
STOP!  Don’t ruin all that hard work by eating something that’s unhealthy.
If you’re looking for some snacking inspiration to keep you on track, here are 9 super healthy snacks you can enjoy before and after your workout.

smoothies-01.png1. Protein shake (naturally!)
Popular with gym bunnies the world over, enjoying a tasty protein shake is probably the most popular post-gym snack. They are full of protein (obvs), low in fat, available in a countless variety of flavours (especially if you get creative and mix!) and are easy to carry with you on-the-go which makes them perfect for when you are starving and need something stat! Pop some fruit and Greek yoghurt into a blender with the protein powder to make a yummy smoothie!

rice-cakes-01.jpg2. Rice cakes with peanut butter
Let’s be honest, a rice cake on its own is pretty boring, but add a tasty topping and suddenly it’s a delicious little treat that you can enjoy anywhere!
They make the ideal snack too because rice cakes are naturally gluten-free, vegan friendly, they come in a variety of flavours (you can choose from plain, wholegrain, lightly salted, corn, and lentil), the plain ones contain no saturated or trans fats and they only contain around 60 calories per rice cake! But stay away from the sugary ones like chocolate and caramel to keep your diet plan on track! 
Here are a few of our favourite healthy toppings:
Peanut butter
smear a light covering of peanut butter (no more than 1 ½ tablespoons between 2 rice cakes). Add an extra layer of yumminess by topping with half a banana, raisins or toasted coconut flakes.
Greek yoghurt and granola
Craving a sweet snack? Top your rice cake with some Greek yoghurt, granola, chia seeds, dried cranberries and a little honey and hey presto, you’ve got a sweet little treat for you to enjoy without the guilt! Plus, it’s super quick to make for when those cravings really kick in!
Avocado and chilli flakes
A healthier substitute for avocado toast, this simple recipe is speedy to make and super tasty. Simply mix avocado chunks with salt and pepper to taste, top with chilli flakes for a little kick and enjoy! Yum!
Hummus and cucumbers
This tasty savoury snack is ideal for a quick healthy snack or as part of a healthy lunch. Spread a little hummus on the rice cake, top with some cucumber, add pepper to taste and enjoy! You’ll also benefit from a little protein boost from the hummus and some nutrients and antioxidants from the cucumbers too! Bonus!
Tuna, spinach and lemon
Layer some spinach leaves over the rice cake, pop some tuna on top (mix with a little Greek yoghurt or fat-free mayo to make it creamier) and top with some lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste and enjoy a snack that will fill you up for longer. The protein and carbs make this a great post-workout snack!

greek-yoghurt-01.jpg3. Greek Yoghurt
It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s tasty. Simply top with a few (healthy) toppings and enjoy!
Here are few toppings to try:
  • Blueberry and honey
  • Granola and strawberry
  • Peach and cinnamon
  • Chia seeds and honey
  • Cherry and vanilla extract
  • Avocado and extra-virgin olive oil
dates-01.jpg4. Dates
One of the best post-workout snacks around! This powerful fruit contains natural sugars which are easy for your body to break down, giving you an instant boost of energy if you’re feeling fatigued after your workout. They contain several vitamins and minerals, are high in fibre and contain disease-fighting antioxidants!

apple-01.jpg5. Apple slices with peanut butter
Apples are high in fibre and antioxidants that help improve gut health and even help to reduce the risk of heart disease, top this with a delicious (small) scoop of peanut butter and enjoy!

eggs-2-01.jpg6. Hard-boiled eggs
Get a super boost of protein by eating a few hard-boiled eggs. They are incredibly filling, and along with protein, contain vitamin K2 and B12, to name a few. Enjoying two large hard-boiled eggs as a snack equates to around 140 calories. You can add a few spinach leaves for an extra protein boost on-the-go!
Getting your daily intake of protein is important for helping your muscles grow and recover from the workouts you’ve been doing. Feeling achy from your last workout? Here’s how you can recover quicker

Porridge-01.jpg7. Porridge
Winter is here and with it comes the cold, miserable weather. So if you are craving a snack that will help you warm up, a small bowl of porridge is a great go-to option to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Try adding cinnamon, vanilla extract or a little agave syrup for added sweetness.

Almonds-01.jpg8. Almonds
High in protein, healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamins, almonds make a great snack option on their own or as toppers on soups and salads. Just remember to get the unsalted versions and stick to small portions.

Jerky-01.jpg9. Jerky
Whether you prefer turkey, chicken or traditional beef, meat jerky makes an ideal healthy snack option as it’s low in fat and calories, packed with protein, is a nutrient-dense food that will help to keep you feeling full and it’s travel-friendly. Opt for brands that contain lower sodium and sugar options.

Having some healthy and nutritious snacks close by can help you avoid unhealthy, sugar-filled alternatives. Looking for more healthy food inspiration?
Read this simple guide to meal prepping
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