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Top Up Your Personal Training Qualification With Our CPD Fitness Courses

Are you looking to top up your current PT qualification? In this article, we'll be taking a look at our range of CPD Fitness Courses to further develop your skills in the industry. By adding more instructing abilities to your arsenal, you'll be able to offer a broader range of activities to your clients, giving them more flexibility.

What is a CPD Fitness Course exactly?

Continuous Professional Development, or CPD for short, gives Personal Trainers extra theory and enhanced practical experience that'll benefit them within the health and fitness industry. When you have completed your Personal Training course, you will want to look into CPD Fitness Courses like Studio Cycling, Metabolic Conditioning and Gym Based Boxing.

Popular CPD Fitness Courses available at The Training Room

According to the Investors In People 2019 employee survey, 45% of workers are looking to move jobs and are unhappy in their current roles. But this doesn't have to be the case! Especially if you're passionate and enthusiastic about the health and fitness industry; by choosing to enrol in an Online Personal Trainer Course, you're taking that step to change your career.

Complete Studio Cycling Training

Indoor cycling or spinning has become one of the most popular classes on a gyms timetable. It's a high energy, calorie-burning class that will have all your participants fatigued yet satisfied with your class.

During this CPD course you will learn:

  • How to plan the most fatiguing indoor cycling class

  • The main exercises and riding methods

  • How to use these manoeuvres to get your classes’ legs burning

  • Plan sequences to incorporate in your workouts with and without music

Fundamentals of Metabolic Conditioning Training

This CPD will make your Circuit Training class standout from all the other circuit classes out there. This new and updated version brings circuit training into the 21st century. It combines strength, hypertrophy and HIIT cardio into one session for higher metabolic conditioning.

During the course you'll gain:

  • Knowledge in how to plan a metabolic resistance, conditioning and finisher session

  • The ins and outs on how this class can improve your client's hormonal profile

  • Experience in how to get the afterburn or EPOC

  • About calorie expensive exercise that keeps your group fitter

Gym Based Boxing Training Workshop

Give your clients high-calorie burning exercises around boxing to help them reach their goals. By taking our CPD Fitness Course that's focused on boxing training, you'll be able to provide your client with a mix of strength and cardio all in one, while ensuring they're engaged with the programme too.

During this you'll learn:

  • The correct techniques and punch combinations

  • How to "take" and cue combinations that flow

  • How to keep your clients hitting the mark at high intensity

  • How to incorporate bodyweight exercises into a workout format

Continue your professional development in Personal Training with our CPD courses or check out our PT course if you are not yet a qualified Personal Trainer!

For more information on all of the training workshops we offer:

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