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Personal Training (PT) Courses Online - What Are My Options?

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So you want to become a Personal Trainer?

You’ve done the research, you have the passion and now you need to do the course...but wait, you don’t have the time to commit to a full-time course and you don’t want to give up your weekends to attend a part-time course.
No sweat, here at The Training Room we understand that everyone has different requirements from their training course, we know that not everyone works 9-5, Monday-Friday and we know that everyone has busy lives and doesn’t necessarily have the same time, every week to commit to a structured training plan.
That’s why we offer online personal training courses.
Our online personal training courses make it easier than ever to study and train alongside your existing commitments, with flexible learning options and the help of The Training Room it has never been easier to find the time to change your future!

Online PT Courses: How They Work.

Firstly, it’s important to reiterate how flexible these courses are, they are designed to fit around you and for that reason there are no start or finish dates, you enrol whenever you like and most important of all is the fact that you can take your time.

Although on average the online PT course takes around 3-6 months to complete, there’s absolutely no rush, you will have access to the e-learning platform and all of the materials for up to 3 years.
Yes, that’s right you actually have up to 3 years to complete this course!
So that brings us onto how our online personal training courses are structured and the certification which it leads to; gaining a personal training certification has never been easier!
Like our ever-popular full-time and part-time options of this course, it is the fully accredited, globally recognised Active IQ Level 3 Certification in Fitness Instructing and Personal training that you will be working towards, which enables you, on graduation, to enter REPs at Level 3, the highest entry level.
The course itself takes place via our state-of-the-art e-learning platform which will provide you with learning materials, videos, direct contact with a dedicated e-learning tutor, technical support for filming assessments and submitting them via the portal, scheduled ‘check-ups’ with your tutor to keep you on track and also motivational support whenever you need it!
What’s more is that you’ll be notified of your assessment marks as soon as they’re in.
We all know how hard it can be to be in control of your own learning, which is why we’ll support you in your learning, help you to timetable and schedule your training and give you the motivation to continue with your course when you need it most.

What Our Students Say About Our Online Personal Training Courses.

The Training Room has seen great success through our personal training certification. If you still have doubts you can see more about how our students found the online course, their reasons for choosing the online course option and what they are doing now!
Jess Varnish , British Track Cyclist, has taken our online personal training course, finding the e-learning course ideal to fit around her busy lifestyle and training regime.
Former student Becki Rabin opted for the e-learning course due to full time working commitments and a busy lifestyle.
Ben Goss chose the e-learning course to enable him to gain real-life work experience in a gym, full-time, whilst undertaking his training and gaining his personal training qualification.
So, if you’re looking for a flexible training course option which fits around you, rather than having to find the time for face to face learning, then The Training Room’s PT course online is the perfect option.
With NO deadline pressure, NO set start or finish dates and a DEDICATED tutor to help you, there has never been an easier or more convenient way to turn those spare moments into a fantastic, exciting new career as a Personal Trainer.

gceditor | 20/11/2016 12:00:00

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