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A Vegan Diet as Part of a Training Regime

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When it comes to a vegan diet, our initial instinct is that it's very healthy; lots of fresh fruit and veg, low in fat and all naturally sourced highly nutritious food. But the difficulty with a vegan diet can be ensuring you get enough protein.

You'll already be well aware that protein is key to any training regime, and a healthy diet. So how can you develop a fantastic training regime and eating plan that delivers results, for a vegan diet?

Vegan Benefits

There are multiple benefits to a vegan diet, many of which can support a training regime to help deliver great results. For those who want to slim down, it can really help, due to the low quantity of saturated fats from dairy and meat produce. As a whole, vegans tend to have a lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and a lower risk of heart disease, making this diet a healthy choice.

A vegan diet can actually also improve sports performance, with many athletes following one, and does not hinder fitness like many would believe. Furthermore, the foods available to those following a vegan eating plan tend to be nutrient dense, meaning vegans usually consume more vitamins and minerals than your average person.

Any diet or training regime shouldn't focus primarily on the results, but also on the health of the person too, making a vegan diet ideal for weight loss, strength and fitness goals.

Weight Loss

As mentioned previously, a vegan diet can be great to meet weight loss goals. Fat contains nine calories per gram, in comparison to four calories per gram in carbohydrates and protein. A vegan eating plan is typically naturally low in fat, with meat and dairy being replaced by fresh fruit and veg. Because of the low fat diet, calories are automatically lower, and of course calorie deficit results in weight loss.

A highly nutritious meal is also ideal for post training, to replace any vitamins and minerals lost in the body through exercise.

When training a client on a vegan diet who wishes to reduce body fat, aim for a mix of cardio and weight training, and ensure the calorie deficit isn't too low. In some cases, it can be difficult to consume enough calories through a vegan diet, so try recommending higher calorie options such as avocado and bananas.

Muscle Gain

As a Personal Trainer, when training a client who is aiming to increase muscle mass and improve strength, it is important to take into consideration that it can be difficult to ensure enough protein is included when following a vegan diet. When carrying out weight training of any kind, protein is essential to progress, and to see results.

There are some fantastic vegan protein shakes that can be incorporated into an everyday diet; ideal for post weight training, and in general to top up protein intake. Try adding these to a vegan diet plan to boost results.

A vegan diet can be fantastic to deliver results when it comes to weight loss, increasing muscle mass and improving health, and it’s possible to see brilliant progress. So try your clients out on a well thought out plan, and watch them reap the benefits.

Global Administrator | 20/11/2015 12:53:31

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