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World Kindness Day

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13th November is World Kindness Day - a movement devoted to promoting the idea of random acts of kindness (RAK) around the world. As a PT, you perform RAKs every day, it’s part of your job, after all.

Here are some thoughts on how personal trainers perform acts of kindness every day of the year:

Personal Trainers….

…provide a valuable service

Have you ever stopped to think just how important your job is? As a personal trainer, you are teaching people crucial skills to improve their health, strength and fitness for life. And you're providing them with significant information which will help them make good choices about nutrition, stress management and wellbeing even when you're not with them.

…help clients overcome health issues

How many clients come to you with significant health issues like high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, obesity and stress? As their PT, the work you do with them can transform their health, radically minimising issues which they may have been struggling with for years.

…show clients how to boost self-esteem

A wonderful moment for every personal trainer is seeing a client blossom from nervous, shy or unconfident to a person who is proud of their body and inner strength. That's a gift which very few jobs are able to give people.

…provide self-confidence and body confidence

After a period of time with you, your clients feel better about their body, which translates into other areas of their lives. PT clients often see the knock on effects of fitness training in their own careers, in friendships and relationships, and in their own self-confidence.

…educate clients on important topics of health and nutrition

You don't just count reps and give clients training programmes. You also listen to them, hear their concerns and confusions, and give them clear advice on nutrition, health and stress management. For many people, their Personal Trainer becomes a trusted source of health and wellness advice. It's a valuable part of your job and one which can't be underestimated.

…support, motivate and inspire

Many people struggle with confidence and motivation for fitness. You are your clients' best support. In fact, you may be their only support. The part you play in their fitness journey is significant and could be life-changing for many people. It's the ultimate kindness.

…keep pushing the fields of health, wellness and fitness forward

In the wider sense of health and fitness, you play a large part in pushing this important industry forward. The Personal Training world needs people like you, who are keen to learn, question and research, develop ideas, and continually seek the best solutions for your clients. You're part of a great industry which will never stop adding value to people's lives.

As a Personal Trainer, you don't need to wait for World Kindness Day to perform important, significant acts of kindness to others. But it's nice to know there's a day devoted to it.

Global Administrator | 07/11/2014 14:52:57

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