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Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss myths.

There are plenty of widespread fat reduction myths that people live by. It is very difficult to split up the body weight loss myths. It is slightly incredulous to believe the mythologies that have extensively been dispersed when it comes to fat reduction. You may be questioning why some people are capable of reducing weight quite effortlessly while you are not noticing any enhancements in spite of the dieting you have subjected yourself to. The difference in results is sometimes attributed to disparity in metabolism rate and the genetic make-up of each person. These combine to determine how well or fast you lose weight. But, those are not the only determinants. The kind of foods that you eat would also hinder or speed up your weight loss process. You might have heard from most of the people that reducing intake of calories will help you to lose weight fast.

As everyone thinks, fat is not the main reason behind the weight gain. The main reason for this are the bad carbohydrates. The bad types of carbohydrates, which are very high in foods and made from processed white flour, is the main reason for being overweight. The good types of carbohydrates you should consume are from the whole grains, barley, brown rice, wheat berries, non starchy vegetables and legumes. To aid fat reduction, effort should be made by avoiding junk foods like pizza, sugars, alcoholic beverages, muffins, cookies and soft drinks.

You might have heard people saying that by reducing the intake of calories will definitely help you in weight loss. However, is it all a myth? Calories are important for energy production, and when you eat too few calories your body may become weak whilst also experiencing constant hunger. The bigger truth is that the food inducing insulin is one of the causes for your obesity. This will lead to the hormonal imbalance. Hormonal imbalance will lead to the storage of foods eaten in the form of fat resulting in obesity. You simply need to eat the proper and perfect foods to regulate your blood sugar level properly. Another myth to reduce weight is going to the fitness training centers or the gym. Generally most people should aim towards attending the gym or fitness training centers like aerobics, yoga, 3 to 4 days per week.  But most will have fairly sedentary lives by spending much time sat down.

Shedding weight by consuming natural foods is also possible. Fruits, green leaves, raw vegetables will help you in fat reductions and can be a reason for improving your body’s metabolism. Green tea is an excellent fat burner aiding weight loss. Tea without milk and sugar can definitely help you in fat reduction and weight loss in a healthy way. Some of the home myths to reduce your weight and help fat reduction are;

  • Use dry fruits in your diet
  • White kidney beans and/or a mixture of green mint can be taken with meals to heal obesity
  • Get rid of overeating and avoid carbohydrates in your meal
  • Consume more raspberry ketone in your vegetable and fruit salads.
  • Undertake fasting once a week.

These are the most effective home remedies to control weight and lead healthy and energetic lives.   

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Author: James Hundson, fitness expert, "I write on weight loss and fitness. I personally recommend a balanced diet and regular workouts for successful weight loss." 

Global Administrator | 21/11/2013 14:54:09

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