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New Year Fitness Regime

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It's a New Year's resolution that a lot of us make. As January rolls around the corner and we've been indulging a little too much over the festive period; it's time to get fit. Making the decision and actually beginning is one thing, sticking to it is the hardest part. We all set out with the best of intentions but many of us fail with a lack of clear planning and a failure to set ourselves achievable goals. Here we've got some tips as to how best to start your new fitness regime, but also to make sure you stick to it.

Set your goal

Before you start you really have to decide what the reason is you're embarking on a new fitness regime. Are you looking to lose weight? Have you decided to up your training with a specific goal in mind? Have you finally decided to do that run for charity later in the year? Whatever your reason you have to be clear from the start. Then you'll be able to build up your programme, using specific exercises to achieve your goal. Now this may not apply to all of us deciding to get fit in the New Year, but for those who enjoy training and spend a lot of time building their own fitness regimes the New Year may bring a new challenge on the job front. If training has slowly become your life the change to a career as a personal trainer may be the natural progression. If this is your goal, stick to it, learn how to become a personal trainer and push yourself to achieve your target.

Be realistic

When setting your goals you have to be realistic. Aiming high might sound admirable, but if you've not been to the gym for a few months you're not about to become the next top personal trainer. Setting unattainable goals can be counterproductive. If you expect instant results you'll become disheartened quickly and it will be all too easy to give up. Set high standards, but build up slowly. You'll notice an improvement each week and with some time you'll get where you want to be.

Think about things you like

Getting fit in the New Year doesn't have to mean joining a gym. This is a mistake too many of us make. You need to think about what you'll enjoy doing, but also mix it up a little bit. It may be swimming one day and a class like boxercise another. If you just go to the gym with no real idea of what you want and what you like you'll soon be bored and start finding those excuses not to go. But you can't always do it on your own. Let those closest to you in on what you're doing - you'll never know when you'll need their support.

Why not set yourself a different challenge this New Year? Our Personal Training Courses are a fantastic way to keep fit yourself and, in the long term,  help others to achieve their goals too!

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