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10 Exercises You Can Do From Your Desk 

Working a full day at a desk is hard for the best of us, seated in the same position for up to 40 hours a week means we are stationary for a good majority of the day. As well as not physically gaining from being sat down all day, we are also hurting our body if we aren't sat in the right position and stretching. As we now spend more time working from home in the comfort of our own office, there is no better time to start doing some at home workouts, without worrying about others looking at you. According to, one in three adults do not get the recommended amount of exercise they need each week, so let's start changing that. 

Benefits of Desk Exercises  

Not only does working out help your physical health but also your mental, with 27% of employees reporting they deal with stress better, and 41% saying they feel more motivated on days they exercise. Another benefit is that it pulls you away from your screen, long enough to have a regular break to help clear your mind. To save you the hassle of searching the web for the best at desk workouts, we have put together a list of 10 that you can try today. 

1. Desk Pushups 

A very simple yet effective exercise is a desk pushup. Make sure your desk is clear and sturdy enough to support your weight. Place both hands on your desk and step back, so you are at a 45-degree angle and do ten pushups at a steady pace. This exercise is excellent for upper body strength. 

2. Chair Squats 

Move your chair away from your desk for this exercise. You will want to stand in front of your chair and slowly lower into a seated position over the chair, make sure not to sit fully before standing back up. Complete ten of these every day and you will see improvements in your glutes and legs. 

3. Seated Leg Raises 

You'll be happy to know that with this exercise you don't even need to get off your chair. While sitting upright in your chair, straighten one leg and hold for ten seconds. Do this ten times for each leg. 

4. Triceps Desk Dips 

Making sure you have a stable desk again for this exercise. Face away from your desk and place both your hand's shoulder-width apart on the desk, then extend your legs out, so they are straight at an angle. Bend your arms to be at 90-degree angle and then straighten, repeat ten times. 

5. Standing Calf Raises 

Stand, holding the back of your chair with your feet together, rise on your toes, raising your claves, hold for 10 seconds and repeat. This exercise is excellent for strengthening your calf muscles - simple yet effective. 

6. Shoulder Shrugs 

As you sit at your desk, you may start to find your neck and shoulder are starting to stiffen up. Doing some simple shoulder shrugs will help by working the trapezius muscles of your back. Start by sitting down and pulling your abs in and your palms upwards. As your shoulders roll back into position, you will then want to roll your shoulders forwards, repeat this until you feel the tension being realised.   

7. Seated Torso Crunch 

While sitting at the edge of your seat, hold onto the side of your chair and pull your knees towards your chest, repeat this 10 times. This is an excellent workout for your abs and core. 

Help with Pains / Stretches 

8. Wrist Stretches 

If you use a computer a lot, this one will be good for you to help relieve and avoid pain in your wrists. There are a couple of stretches you can do to stretch your wrist, but one is by stretching your arms out in front of you, palms down and raising your hands by 90-degrees so your hands are now parallel with your body, repeat this as many time as you like. 

9. Neck Stretches 

If you start getting aches or pains in your neck, try this exercise. Sit up straight and begin to roll your neck, trying to touch your ear to your shoulder and your chin to your chest. You can also use your hand to gently press a little lower. 

10. Torso Twist 

To help stretch out your back, sit forwards and slowly twist your torso to look left, you will find it helpful to rest the arm in the direction you are twisting on the back of the chair. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat on the other sides. 


The Training Room | 28/05/2020 09:00:00

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