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How Much Should You Be Charging As A Private Personal Trainer?

Location - Where you live can play a big part in how much you can charge your clients.
Finding out what other local personal trainers charge can give you a good idea of the going rate in the area.
If you are based in London for example, you could charge around £40 - £60 an hour, depending on experience.

Skills - Take into consideration your own skillset and experience against the local competition.
If you are newly qualified you’ll need to reflect this in your pricing. You can always increase your rates as you gain experience.
For example, If you are level 4 qualified you could charge a lot more for your time and expertise. 

Know Your Target Market - Make sure you thoroughly research the people who live in the area you wish to operate in, think about their lifestyles and the average income they may earn. You’ll need to charge an amount that they will be able to afford.
Depanding on the location, you could charge anything from £20 - £60 per hour.

Things To Include - Within your prices, you’ll need to factor in things like the time it takes to plan each session, travel time between clients,  and expenses like equipment and marketing costs. 
Don’t forgret to offer additional services like diet and meal plans which could add an additional £50 per client. 

Packages VS Pay As You Go - A great way to avoid the risk of client cancellations is to offer pre-paid packages and discounts for training pairs or groups.
It’s also much more enjoyable for your clients to train with a partner or friend.

Growth - Your session and service costs are not set in stone.If you start operating and find after a while that you’ve over or under-priced yourself, you can always change your fees.
It’s also a good idea to expand your skills and specialize in new areas, meaning you can increase your rates with your extra experience and knowledge.

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The Training Room | 31/05/2018 16:00:00

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