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Learn All About Nutrition and Personal Training In Our Courses

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Nutrition and personal training go hand in hand.

In fact it has been suggested by some that nutrition coaching forms an important part of the future of personal training.

After all, exercise and a healthy diet go hand in hand, don’t they!?

The Low Down on Nutrition and Personal Training

Nutrition, for those who don’t know, is a particular branch of science which looks at nutrients and nutrition. It looks specifically at the relationship between nutrients contained in the foods and supplements which we eat/take with key bodily functions such as growth, maintenance and health.

When it comes to Personal Trainers giving advice on nutrition there are some guidelines which you should follow - for example as you have not completed extensive training in nutrition and will not be a medical professional it is important to stay away from giving medical nutritional advice, i.e for a client who suffers from diabetes you can not give them medical nutritional advice. In short if you are not a Registered Dietician or a doctor you cannot legally give advice in the following areas:

  • You cannot prescribe diets/supplements to treat any medical conditions

  • You cannot prescribe diets/supplements to treat the symptoms of any medical conditions

  • You cannot diagnose any medical conditions

The Register of Exercise Professionals on nutritional advice which Personal Trainers can give states that Personal Trainers should avoid ‘providing prescriptive nutritional advice or develop bespoke individualised nutrition plans for clients’.

As long as you stay away from advising your clients in any of these areas, you can give nutritional advice to your clients in terms of providing general advice on healthy eating.

The personal training course at The Training Room covers all aspects of fitness instruction and personal training. This Active IQ Level 3 course also allows entry onto the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) register and will give you a fully comprehensive understanding of all the skills which you need to be a Personal Trainer. Besides the aforementioned nutrition module, the course also covers the following areas, taking you through the steps to become a qualified fitness instructor (level 2) before completing the level 3 modules to become a Personal Trainer.

  • Health and safety within a fitness environment

  • Principles of health, fitness and exercise

  • Planning and instructing gym based exercises

  • Supporting clients

  • Anatomy and physiology for health and exercise

  • Learning how to apply the principles of nutrition to exercise programmes

  • Learning how to plan and carry out personal training sessions

In addition when you take a personal training course with The Training Room, you will also receive a variety of CPD courses to give you the edge when it comes to personal training and landing your first role in the fitness industry!

Help From The Training Room

As well as first class training, no matter how you decide to study whether that be full-time , part-time or online , you will be afforded the same invaluable careers support from The Training Room. This means that you will have careers support from registration on your course for up to 3 years and this includes a guaranteed interview with one of our big name corporate partners!

Furthermore, The Training Room also offer funding options - bespoke loan packages which are designed specifically for our courses. The Training Room Loan is designed so that you borrow exactly the right amount for your course and will never borrow too much or too little.

What Are You Waiting For?

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