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Why Now is the Best Time to Become a Personal Trainer

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Considering a change in career but aren’t quite convinced that it’s worth taking the risk? If so, becoming a Personal Trainer should definitely be at the top of your list of potential new jobs. According to a State of the UK Fitness Industry (SOFI) report released earlier this year, gym and health club membership in the UK reached record heights in 2015 with an average of 9.2 million people sweating it out on machines, lifting weights and in exercise classes.

That’s more than the entire population of London investing in fitness and it’s a figure that’s not set to decrease any time soon. Fitness market expert Bryan O’Rourke confidently predicted in an interview with Health Club Management magazine that the industry as a whole is projected to grow by 300% in the next ten years. Now that’s a LOT of people working out on treadmills.

Sport and fitness are definitely increasing in popularity, something that is clear in Sports England’s new campaign launched this May. Their strategy aims to get more people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities exercising in the UK and increase upon the already whopping £4.4bn market value with more private investment. Joining a gym is becoming far more accessible for everyone and low cost private gym memberships accounted for 32% of the overall amount in the 2015 SOFI report.
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So why is this all relevant to future PTs or those considering taking the plunge? Beyond the obvious fact that it is a supremely burgeoning industry, the benefits of becoming a Personal Trainer are also heavily influenced by growing consumer technology. By this, we don’t just mean further awareness of fitness on social media and the internet. With the introduction of wearable health technology (from smartwatches that record blood pressure to helmets that track brainwaves) as well as phone apps that allow people to book a personal training session at the touch of a button, it really couldn’t be easier to work as a PT.

The SOFI figures don’t even include statistics from boutique studios, on demand home gym services or outdoor operators meaning there’s an even wider client base out there to consider. Whether you choose to go freelance and use smart phone technology like the BookFit app or you work within one of the 6435 gyms scattered around the UK, it certainly won’t be difficult to build up a customer base.

If you are already a fitness fanatic, Personal Training can be an incredibly rewarding and enjoyable profession that will often feel like an extension of your leisure time rather than a job. It’s also nice to know that it’s a profession that’s not likely to be in decline anytime soon, as well as being one that can be practiced just about anywhere.

Take a look at our Personal Training Courses that allow you to be fully qualified to work around the world in as little as six weeks. More information on the SOFI report can also be found via the link below.

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