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Preparing Your Perfect Porridge

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Feed zone: preparing your perfect porridge by Timothy John of Road Cycling UK

Could this be the ultimate pre-ride meal? Quick, easy, packed with carbohydrates and open to numerous tweaks (or "serving suggestions").

We speak, of course, of the humble bowl of porridge, a staple of the cyclist's diet and something with which many of us will begin our day in the saddle.

First, the science bit. What gives porridge its potency as a fuel for cycling? We asked The Training Room's Chris Hole, who identified the high carbohydrate value of oats as porridge's principle benefit to the cyclist. To a far lesser degree, he says, the oats will also provide fuel from fats.

Chris makes his porridge with 100 grams of whole, rolled oats, prepared with water, and served with a generous sprinkling of various seeds (hemp, poppy, and sunflower among them) to provide "healthy" mono, poly, and unsaturated fats. He adds desiccated coconut for flavour, crushed almond for protein, and eats between two and three hours before the ride.

How do you eat yours?

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