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Keeping Fit on Your Summer Holiday

Beach running
You've worked hard to get in great shape for your summer holiday. And you don't want to be a slave to the gym or early-morning cardio whilst you're away, but did you know there are 5 very simple ways to stay fit on holiday? Incorporate these 5 daily tips and discover how easy - and fun - it can be to stay on top of your health and fitness goals even when you're on your summer holiday!

Don't Workout, Be Everyday Active

If you don't want to actually work out on holiday (and who can blame you), take heart in the knowledge that daily activity levels really add up. There's no need to seek out a hotel gym or run on the beach at sunrise. Instead, think about booking activities to enjoy alone or with a group (snorkelling, surfing, diving or climbing). Walk as often as possible, and build activity into your holiday routine by strolling on the beach or sightseeing on foot.

Let your Surroundings Keep You Fit

Your choice of summer holiday will affect your activities - naturally! Beach holidays are made for long walks on the sand, swimming, snorkelling, diving, and using sand-dunes to raise the heart-rate. City breaks mean you can get plenty of daily steps under your belt as you see the sights. Holidaying in hills or mountains? Get out there on foot or on a bike and let the local terrain keep you fit whilst burning calories!

Choose Walking To Sightsee

Make sure you sightsee on foot rather than by tourist bus as much as possible. Not only will this mean you can explore at your leisure, discovering hidden gems off the beaten track, but you'll rack up an impressive amount of daily steps. And if there are hills to summit and steps to climb, that's even better news for your legs, bottom and cardiovascular system. Pack decent walking shoes and comfortable clothes, and walk as much as possible.

Take Your Cue From Your Kids

If you're on a family holiday, use your kids as inspiration for staying fit and active. Children and teenagers barely sit still on holiday - watch how they are constantly in and out of the pool or sea, are keen to sign up to outdoor activities, and love to walk. Join them whenever possible, or take their lead and book on grown-up activities. You'll sleep like a baby at the end of each day.

Still Want To Workout? Keep It Short

Some people really do want to exercise properly on holiday. Interval training, HIIT and bodyweight circuits are ideal for summer holidays. You could do a short bodyweight circuit in your hotel room, using hotel furniture and your bodyweight for resistance. Or use the beach or a local hill for interval training like sprints, shuttle runs or a circuit of burpees, squat thrusts, leaps and bounds. But remember, you're on holiday, so there's no need to be a slave to your workout schedule. Be active and keep your body moving, and you'll stay on top of your fitness no problem.

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