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Making Yourself Employable In The Fitness Industry

Michelle Bletso has 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry and is currently Group Fitness Development Manager for award-winning national leisure centre operator Everyone Active. Who better to offer advice on making yourself more employable in the fitness industry...

When applying for jobs in fitness it’s vital to make your CV stand out. Hundreds of people are likely to apply for any one position so you need to set yours apart from the competition.

One way to do this is to demonstrate passion for the industry and what you do. Show that you’re willing to work hard and that you can be flexible. Jobs in the fitness sector are not 9-5 so you need to demonstrate that you’re prepared for this. Show that you have a desire to learn and grow professionally within the sector and be sure to mention any additional qualifications you already have. You may wish to discuss your physical achievements too to show that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about fitness.

Communication skills are another key trait we look for in candidates. In the fitness industry you’re constantly working with people so it’s imperative that you come across as approachable and personable. Try to give examples of when you’ve demonstrated these skills by discussing personal qualities and/or past experiences. This will show potential employers that you can interact well with customers, colleagues and as part of a team.

Having work experience on your CV is always a plus. It suggests that you’re committed to the career of your choice and that you’re motivated. Many organisations offer work placements so try and arrange some even if it’s just for a couple of days. Then work hard, learn as much as you can and ask questions! It will give you a greater insight into the industry and you may pick up some useful contacts.

Finally, ensure that your personality shines through in your CV, during work placements and in everything you do. Although experience can be an advantage, sometimes personality is more important as organisations can provide you with more training.

Michelle Bletso

Group Fitness Development Manager

SLM (Everyone Active)

Global Administrator | 01/05/2013 16:23:58

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