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Our Students - Jane Woodhead's Story

Jane Woodhead Boxing
Keeping fit and healthy has always been a passion of mine. I love the "buzz" which you get following a training session and I personally do not think there is any better way to start the day than with a work-out in the gym.

Exercise is a great way to de-stress too and after you have trained hard I believe you really do feel better and more confident about yourself. Fitness has, however, always been a hobby for me & that was until I discovered the Training Room and the fantastic range of courses - and, most importantly for me, the flexibility.

I was greatly inspired by my personal trainer who filled me with confidence and the belief that if I put my mind to it, I really could achieve anything. With an ever-changing business climate I decided it was time to acquire additional skills allowing me to pursue alternative lines of work.

As I am so passionate about fitness, this seemed the natural direction to take. The Training Room offered me the chance to study to become a personal trainer over a period of six months and at the same time qualify to teach spinning, gym based boxing and circuits.

I didn't want to give up my day job and I could not afford to take several weeks off to study. The Training Room provided me with the perfect flexibility to study at the weekends and in the evenings. After looking at various courses with different companies, the Personal Training course with The Training Room fit everything I was looking for. I was already a fully qualified boxing coach with the Amateur Boxing Association so this seemed a natural progression for me. I attended one weekend a month for six months and studied at home in-between with constant on-line and telephone support from my tutor as and when required.

I loved the course and learned so much - it went beyond what I had expected with a complete module on nutrition. I met new friends and acquired new skills and qualifications. Everyone really helped and motivated each other - we were all in the same situation, trying to hold down full time jobs and study at the same time. Lead Tutor, Lyndsey Todd, was an absolute inspiration. She was with me every step of the way to help and encourage and really went out of her way to support me.

Having left education more than 20 years ago, this was the first time I had returned to study and had to revise for exams. It was a daunting prospect - but with the support I received from Lyndsey I am proud to be able to say I achieved over 80% in all of my exams and 96% in one of them. Even before finishing the course I had secured three classes each week, teaching spinning and boxing and just a week after I completed the course I secured a further spinning class and my first personal training client - I know none of this would have been possible without the guidance and support which I received on the course.

Jane Woodhead

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