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Christopher Hole - Personal Training Tutor in Bristol

Chris Hole TTR Tutor

I chose to become a PT because I wanted to make an impact in the health and fitness industry and educate people about their body and how it works.

I began as a Personal Trainer over 3½ years ago now when I completed the Training Room Fast Track course. Immediately after the course I started working with David Lloyd and progressed to 25 sessions a week helping the team of Personal Trainers to become 3rd in the whole of the David Lloyd Company.

I'm now a Level 4 Personal Trainer in Back Pain Management and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge that has lead me to read over 1000 health and fitness text from books, articles to scientific journals on subjects from physiology, cell biology, bio-chemistry, bio-physics, spine bio-mechanics and human behavior

Now I've progressed from personal training to tutoring I am able to share my knowledge and experience with other Personal Trainers to help set them up for long careers in the industry.

In 2009 I decided to put this knowledge and fitness to the test by cycling 677.5 miles in 6 days, cycling from Lands End to Fort William and cycling 280 miles over 3 days in the Tour of Wessex. I've also organised and taken part in a 15 hour spinning marathon. I continue to cycle in 100+ mile sporting events all across the country.

Let's further develop your passion for fitness, and begin your Journey like Christophoper with our Personal Trainer Courses here at The Training Room! 

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