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How CPD Courses Can Help You to Go The Extra Mile in Your Personal Training Career

How-CPD-courses-can-help-you-to-go-the-extra-mile-in-your-PT-career-01.pngThe world is your oyster when working in the fitness industry, and there are many opportunities for you as a fitness instructor and Personal Trainer (PT) to further your career by upskilling and educating yourself.

Jenna Coyle, Tutor at The Training Room, with more than 10 years of industry experience, provides an inside look at which Continued Professional Development (CPD) workshops offer the most value when trying to upskill as a personal trainer in order to further your career and up your earning potential.

Jenna said: “Taking CPD courses assures a higher level of expertise and enables you to keep your professional skill and knowledge up-to-date. From studio cycling to GP referral, there are a wide range of opportunities available to specialise in different areas to help differentiate yourself as a personal trainer and attract a strong and diverse client base.”

Level 2 Studio Cycling
Indoor cycling is an organised activity class focusing on endurance, strength, interval and high intensity programs. It’s a great way to interact and showcase yourself as a personal trainer, and with so many people in this country, and worldwide, who enjoy cycling both inside and outside the gym, it’s a complete no-brainer.

Level 2 Metabolic Circuits
You will come across a large, varied clientele of all ages and abilities. This qualification allows you to design a full body circuit and enables all participants to focus on endurance, hypertrophy, strength and cardiovascular training. It gives the trainer a great opportunity to show organisation and structure within their designed classes, providing a fun and challenging experience for all exercisers involved.

Level 2 Pre- and Post Natal
Your clients will place a great deal of trust in your knowledge of what’s best for them; this course will allow you to show commitment to your female clients by guiding them through a training program designed specifically to cater for all stages of pregnancy. You will find that 85% of females at some point in their life will go through pregnancy and will look for the right trainer to keep fit, healthy and feeling better about themselves, so this is a highly valuable course to take. 

Level 3 GP Referral
Exercise referral is where a medical professional refers a patient to a fitness program, often based within the community. The program will be specifically designed for the medical condition. This course will provide you with a greater skill set, develop your knowledge and help you build a larger clientele. It is also a great path to take to any Level 4 qualifications involving severe cases, such as coronary heart disease.

Level 3 in Sports Massage Therapy
Having a sports massage therapy qualification will allow you to aid your clients in sport-related injuries, thus enhancing their overall performance in their chosen sport whilst giving you a better understanding of your knowledge on anatomy and physiology of the human body. A win-win for both parties!
CDP courses in strength and conditioningLevel 4 Strength and Conditioning
Specialising in this area will allow you to widen your client base from beginners to advanced athletes wanting to increase their strength and performance. This will open up your eyes to new opportunities when it comes to training clients and yourself, but it can also make you more desirable to employers and can help you to stand out from your rivals and other personal trainers competing for the same clients.

Level 4 Weight Management for Obesity and Diabetes
This qualification teaches you how to plan and deliver safe and effective weight management programs to members of the population with obesity and diabetes. You will learn to encourage long-term behavioural change in individuals and build a relationship and trust with your clients, making a real difference to their health and wellness.

All CPDs are accredited by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMPSA) which provides support and empowerment for professionals working in the sport and physical activity sector. They provide opportunities for young leaders to develop and succeed. You can register yourself with CIMSPA here.

What CPD courses does The Training Room offer?
  • L2 Kettlebells
  • L2 Suspension Training
  • L2 Metabolic Circuits
  • L2 Studio Cycling
  • L2 Gym Based Boxing
  • L2 Bootcamp
  • L4 Strength and Conditioning
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