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National Skipping Day

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Skipping isn't just for the playground. Boxers and other athletes know it's a fantastic form of cardio. Here's the low-down on skipping, in time for National Skipping Day. National Skipping Day is on 13th March this year, but we think skipping is a form of exercise you could do all year round. Find out why skipping is so beneficial for fitness, weight loss, heart health and conditioning.


Skipping rope might seem a simple form of exercise, best suited to little kids in the playground, but don't be fooled. There's a reason that boxers, martial artists and some of the world's toughest athletes incorporate boxing into their training regimes. It's fast, free, and it works. Find out how skipping has benefits for your heart, muscles, joints, bones and even your brain.

A low-cost fat blaster

Got a rope? Great. Then you're good to go. Skipping is a very cheap way to improve fitness, body composition and overall health as we age. Make sure your joints (particularly knees and ankles) are up to the impact, and that you've got enough space to skip. Then away you go; there’s nothing more to it.

Skipping can be done anywhere, anytime, by anybody

You don't need much space to skip. And almost anyone can do it (it's easily modified for less conditioned beginners). And you don't need much time for a skipping workout, in fact 10 minutes is more than enough for the fittest person!

Skipping improves health

Skipping training works as a form of cardiovascular (CV) exercise but is intense and can be used as HIIT (interval training too). It is easily scaled up or down so your body can't get too used to it. And it will benefit your heart, circulation, muscles and metabolism. It's a fantastic fat burner.

Tone your whole body

Whilst running uses mainly the lower body, skipping encourages a more even use of the entire body. Your arms are not held static by your sides but move freely and responsively. It's thought that up to 40% of the activity of skipping is done by the shoulders, arms and back.

Skipping is more than just fitness

As well as a great workout, skipping challenges and improves your co-ordination, flexibility and balance - all things which tend to deteriorate as we age.

Skip for bone health

Because skipping is a light form of impact exercise, it's great for skeletal health. Just one more reason to skip into adulthood - offset osteoporosis! The impact of skipping is better for you than running, because it can be controlled more easily, but it will benefit your bones at the same time as toning your legs, bum, hips and calves.

Improve mental alertness

The intricate and complex motor patterns demanded by skipping challenge your brain, improving mental alertness, spatial awareness and your brain's ability to co-ordinate your body's movements.

Do you use skipping as part of your workouts, or if you're a personal trainer with your clients?

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