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Cycle For Bike Week - 13th-21st June

Cycling on grass
13th-21st June is Bike Week; an entire week dedicated to the health benefits, pleasures, and eco plus-points of regularly riding a bike. Are you up for a challenge?

Why not pledge to ride your bike rather than using the car or public transport for the week? Not only will you boost your physical and emotional health, but you'll be setting a great example to friends, family and everyone who looks to you for healthy-living guidance.

5 Reasons to Use Your Bike More Often

If you know how to ride a bike, and have a bike to ride, you can do it! There's not much to it once you know what to do. It's cheap, saves you money, and costs very little to run. Men and women of all ages can ride a bike. Just follow road safety rules, traffic regulations and common sense guidelines.

Cycling is really convenient; no parking fees, traffic jams or queuing for public transport. And you can run local errands whilst you're on your bike commute. It's also great for the environment. If your journey is shorter than 2-3 miles, you'll make a huge positive impact on the environment (local and global) by swapping the car for a bike. And it’s fantastic exercise; low-impact (so you can do it every day), can be scaled up or down, and burns serious amounts of calories whilst working the legs, bum and hips.

The Physical Benefits of Cycling

  • Cycling can use 300-800 calories per hour depending on your body weight, the speed you cycle at, hills and headwindYour senses, co-ordination and responses will be gently challenged
  • Riding a bike uses almost your whole body, but particularly works your legs, quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes
  • You'll get a good dose of Vitamin D from the sunshine
  • It has a huge cardiovascular benefit, working your heart and lungs and boosting your circulation

The Emotional Benefits of Cycling

  • Getting out on your bike lifts your mood
  • Swap driving or public transport for cycling and beat stress - Getting out of your chair and using your body more regularly will make you feel great
  • You'll get the feel-good benefits of knowing you’re doing something good for the environment
  • Lead by example by living an even healthier everyday lifestyle

Admittedly, cycling during winter months isn't always so wonderful, but getting out on your bike in this sunny, fresh summer weather is a joy. Just make sure you're kitted out and follow safety rules. And who knows, you might enjoy it so much that you carry it on into autumn…

Ready to get started? Pump up your tyres, check your inner tubes, and grab your cycle helmet. And enjoy a week of riding your bike!

Want to help others put their cycling skills to the test? Why not check out the opportunity to become a certified personal trainer here with us at The Training Room!

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