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Top leg day workouts

You know what they say… never skip leg day!
Leg workouts are not only a great way to help build muscle in your legs for strength and power, but working on your lower body can also help to keep your body balanced and in proportion.

The Training Room | 31/07/2022 09:00:00

How to set realistic summer body goals

Everybody’s idea of the ‘perfect summer body’ is different – whatever that looks like for you, setting realistic fitness goals to help you along your fitness journey can make all the difference in keeping you motivated long-term.
It’s normal for many of us to begin to tire of tedious workouts and bland diets, and some people find they lose their enthusiasm as their lofty fitness goals seem to move further and further away.
So, how do you go about setting realistic summer body goals that are not only attainable but that you can implement to ensure they work for you long after summer has passed?

The Training Room | 06/07/2022 21:00:00