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What Types Of Fitness Classes Are Actually Out There?

What types of fitness classes are actually out there
What are fitness classes?

Fitness classes have pretty much always been around, but over the last decade the trend boomed with the likes of Zumba and HIIT leading the charge on ‘casual runners’.

Fitness classes offer an effective way to quickly burn fat, build muscle, or just get you into the shape you desire. They can offer a variety of benefits and with there usually being multiple people, it’s easier to stay motivated!

Why should I go to fitness classes?

If you’re wondering whether you should go to a fitness class, it all boils down to how you feel you perform best whilst doing fitness: Do you prefer being with a group? Do you prefer having an expert on-hand? Do you want to get your workout finished as soon as possible? 

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, you’ll probably benefit from a fitness class! Let’s have a deeper look at just a selection of the reasons why fitness classes are great:

  • You gain access to a fitness expert for a fraction of the price of a session with a Personal Trainer - with similar benefits!
  • Fitness classes tend to be great fun, and repeat customers will likely make some friends along the way.
  • Anybody can join in and complete most classes (there are also expert classes), whatever your level.
  • It offers superb value for money - you get an expert-led workout, sometimes for the price of a meal deal!
  • You can try out a boat-load of different classes and workouts, and take the best ones home with you!
  • It’s important to remember, whatever your level, whatever your schedule, whatever your requirements are; there are fitness classes out there suitable for you and your life.

What types of classes are there?

With there seeming to be a new fitness trend constantly these days, it can be hard and a little overwhelming to keep up with what’s actually out there right now. So, to make things easier, here’s just some of the popular types of fitness classes that are open for all to take advantage of:

Yoga: Consisting of a variety of exercise and disciplines, yoga has many physical benefits such as increased flexibility, weight loss and even improved respiratory.

Zumba: A cardio workout which involves dance fitness - a great, fun way to keep moving!

Studio Cycling: High intensity, indoor cycling that can burn up to 800 calories an hour!

HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training… yeah, it does what it says on the tin. Be prepared to work hard!

Pilates: This is essentially muscle-strengthening activity that strengthens posture, balance, flexibility and more.

Metabolic Circuit Training: These exercises encourage fat-burning and you’ll even shred calories after you finish working out!

If you regularly attend circuit training and are interested in running them yourself, why not discover our Personal Training courses?

The Training Room | 06/07/2020 21:00:00

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