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How Gyms May Be Different After Lockdown


Calling all gym-goers: there’s good news.

For those that haven’t been able to stop thinking “when do gyms reopen?” - worry no more! Gyms will likely be reopening and back to it again! As of latest government advice, gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools are due to once again open their doors to the public (to a limited number, that is).

The official date for reopening provided by the UK government is Saturday 25th July which, of course, is subject to change and depending on the behaviour of the public, the success of processes in place and general progress around the country, could very well temporarily close down again.

Although gyms reopen and many fitness lovers across the nation will be thrilled, it comes with the prerequisite that gyms must be able to safely and completely enforce social distancing before, during and after workouts.

Important information you’ll need to know

First and foremost, and the most obvious of all of the “rules”, if you feel poorly or have any symptoms, don’t visit the gym, leisure centre or pools (or for that matter, anywhere!). Now that’s covered, let’s move on.

We understand that you’ve probably been inundated with heaps of information about social distancing, safety during the pandemic and how certain places are required to open. So, here are some of the most important bits of information and guidance you’ll want to know:

  • As it stands, it’s non-compulsory for visitors to have to wear a mask inside the gyms. This being said, each individual gym and premises will have the freedom to add their own rules such as increasing the social distance or making masks mandatory. Interestingly, doctors recently proved that, contrary to some public thought, we are able to breathe fully through masks and they have zero effect on oxygen levels!
  • For those of you that worry about how social distancing will be properly implemented, there will be a limit to the number of people allowed in at any given time. It’s even been advised for facilities to implement a timed booking system - finance, space and time dependent, naturally.
  • All premises will be properly and frequently cleaned with enhanced methods as per most recent guidelines.
  • There will be further enforced social distancing with the spacing out of machines and general gym equipment. It’s also required for facilities to provide hand sanitizing stations.
  • As it stands, changing rooms are available and open (socially distanced), however it is recommended and encouraged that all visitors refrain from doing so and instead shower and change prior to (and after) being at the gym.

It’s important to note there are plenty more guidelines for gyms and leisure centres to adhere to, both mandatory and recommended, and these can be found on official government documentation and online.

How will gyms be affected in the future?

Until we know how, when or if “the new normal” will return back to regular non-distanced normality, it’s going to be hard to speculate what the future of gyms will look like. There’s a good chance we could see socially-distanced measures indefinitely, or at least until there is a cure, to lower any risks. 

For the fitness industry as a whole, we can find solace in the fact that despite gyms, parks and other fitness spots being inaccessible, fitness never stopped! A whole wave of different people, celebrities, fitness influencers and the like moved fitness firmly into the digital world and garnered excellent viewing numbers. 

Whether or not this trend will continue once gyms are open again - who knows?! We may start to find more personal trainers, gyms and/or fitness people selling their services online for one-on-one or group sessions, rather than renting a space at the gym. Equally, we could see the public rushing to get a gym membership after spending months without the option!

What we do know is that people will always find a way to get their fitness, and with the reopening of gyms it’s one foot in the right direction.

If these last few months have inspired you to take fitness more seriously and potentially see a future career, find out more below!

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The Training Room | 23/07/2020 09:00:00

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