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How to Keep Cool During Your Summer Workout

How-to-keep-cool-01.pngBeat the heat this summer with these top tips to keep you cool during your summer workouts!

We all love the clear blue skies and warm golden sunshine of summer time; it’s the perfect time to grab a cold drink and relax with family and friends outside. But what about when it’s time to get your workout in? It can sometimes be hard to find the motivation to workout when you are already hot and sweaty before you even get started! ­

The key here is to plan ahead in order to stay as cool as possible and exercise safely so you don’t get over heated.

Follow these top tips to keep you cool as a cucumber while you smash it in the gym this summer!

drinking-water-plus-logo-01.pngDrink up!
Staying hydrated during a workout is always important, but it’s even more essential when the weather is hotter. You’ll be working up more of a sweat than usual so your heated fitness session with leave you feeling thirsty!

You’ll need to make sure you replenish those lost fluids – if you’ve got a serious sweat on, don’t forget you’ll lose essential salts and electrolytes which lead to fatigue. Top up with energy drinks, water and energy tabs to keep you hydrated.

Not a fan of plain water? Infuse your H20 with some of your favourite fruits like cucumber, strawberry or lemon to keep it interesting. (Bonus - you’ll also benefit from the vitamins and minerals released from the fruit too!)

clock-plus-logo-01.pngBe an early bird
The weather is much cooler early in the morning so it’s a good idea to plan around the hottest times of the day to make your workout as cool as possible.

If you can manage to get up and out, an early morning workout is best as it won’t be as hot and you won’t have pesky insects trying to use you as their dinner.

If your metabolism needs a boost, exercising first thing will really help (plus, you’ll get some amazing pictures for your #MorningWorkout Instagram post if you’re exercising outside!)

running-in-shade-01.pngBe Shady
If you do decide to workout later in the day, see if you can find a shady area in the park to do your workout; it will be much cooler and you won’t have the added worry of getting sunburn!

If you are going for a bike ride, run or even just a brisk walk, look for a route with lots of shade either from trees or buildings and make sure you take a large bottle of water with you.

rest-01.pngTake a break
Yes, we all want to work up a sweat to get that blood pumping and those calories burning but it’s important to listen to your body too. When it’s scorching outside, you might need to take extra breaks during your workout to allow your body time to cool down.

Why not take a damp cloth that you can place over your forehead or neck when you rest? It will help you cool down quicker and refresh your skin. If you feel dizzy or faint at any point during your workout – STOP!

beach-yoga-01.pngSwitch it up
The warmer weather may be a good time to switch up your workout routine and try something different. You can still burn those calories but you don’t necessarily have to sweat as much!

Why not give that yoga class a go or try aqua aerobics - not only will this be a cooler way of getting your workout in, but you’re bound to enjoy the change too!

swimmer-plus-logo-01.pngMake a splash!
Nothing is more enjoyable in a heat wave than taking a dip in a lovely cool pool (or if you’re lucky, the sea!).
Not only will swimming give you a full body workout, but you can also make it a social event by taking your friends and family along too, even the ones that are a little gym shy may want to join you, and who knows – you may even be able to inspire them to keep it up!

Feeling motivated for your next workout? Here are some extra tips for getting in shape for summer.

workout-at-home-01.pngStay at home
If it’s too hot to head outside (or you’ve just got a great fan that you can’t seem to pull yourself away from) why not pop on your favourite fitness DVD and do a workout at home!

There are loads of videos you can find for free on YouTube that you can follow along with, or just put on your favourite music on and use objects around your house for a great workout. (Plus, you can always strip down to your undies to stay even cooler while you work out at home, but just make sure the blinds are closed!)

family-plus-logo-01.pngGet out and about
Sometimes it really is just too hot to exercise so use the time to take an active rest day and do something else instead.

It’s the perfect time to grab your friends and family and head out to a museum or find a beautiful nature trail and go for a hike; walking is a great form of exercise, and being on your feet for long periods of time burns loads of calories!

Slowing your exercise down means you’ll still be using your body and burning calories, but it’s much safer when it’s boiling hot outside. Just go easy on the ice-cream...but one won’t hurt…

barbell-01.pngMake it count
When the temperatures rise, you may not be able to smash out your usual gym routine. Planning a shorter workout that includes lots of compound movements will help you make the most of your time in the gym.

If you’re in need of inspiration, try these 30-minute work outs to get your body moving:
30-minute workout (Peripheral heart action training)
30-minute workout (Escalating density training)

streach-01.pngCool Down
Whether you are working out yourself or if you are a personal trainer guiding your clients though their gym session, make sure you allow extra time to cool down and stretch after the workout. This allows your heart rate to return to normal and your muscles time to relax after the extra effort of working out in the heat.

Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and especially after your workout to replace the fluids lost. Most importantly make sure you get plenty of quality sleep to allow your body to recover.

Why not make this year your best summer yet and turn your fitness passions into a career you’ll love!
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