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The last three years have been phenomenal for the fitness industry and thanks to buzz words such as #fitspiration, #athlesiurewear, #kale and #feeltheburn Instagram is the go-to social destination for wellness. Off the back of this new-found interest, personal trainers are now rivalling the A-list for the most followers and interaction leading to a celebrity status of their own. Fast forward to the here and now, trainers are earning six figure sums, securing book deals and batting off a host of brand collaborations thanks to their Instafame. Sound too good to be true? These popular trainers are proof that travelling the world whilst doing what they love is achievable, and that the days of trainers being shackled to the treadmill are long gone.


If you haven't heard of global super trainer Kayla by now, you must be living under a rock. With 5.3 million Instagram followers, the Australian native has become a sensation thanks to her exercise subscription programme, chiseled abs and sunny outlook. The abundance of before and after shots shared by her followers are unbelievable, making her success stratospheric and her global workshops a sell-out.

Kayla Itsines Fitness


New kid on the block Joe is proof that if you have a strong work ethic and a sculpted torso, success is in the bag. A cheeky chappy from Essex, Joe has reinvented himself as The Body Coach and is famed for his Lean in 15 slogan that put him on Amazon's best-sellers list with a cookbook of the same name. With 1.2 million Instagram followers and an over-used passport, Joe is taking the world by storm and will soon be hitting daytime TV in the USA.

Joe Wicks Fitness


He may have come from humbling beginnings in Australia but James went on to carve one of the most successful careers in the industry. After setting up camp in England with his beautiful wife Christiane, the duo launched wellness brand Bodyism and their 'be kind to yourself' slogan earned them an allegiance of fans from supermodels to PM's. The husband and wife team now split their time between their healthy cafe and gym in Notting Hill and their retreats in the Maldives, Capri and Turkey.

James Duigan Fitness


After working as an Elite Gymnast in Australia, Shona progressed into the world of fitness by becoming a personal trainer and yoga instructor. Her following may not quite be in the millions yet (50k and counting) but Shona's Instagram account is a gallery of envy-inducing retreat locations like Taiwan, Thailand and Sydney combined with eye-watering yoga moves for the super flexible.

Shona Vertue Fitness


Blogger, personal trainer, vlogger, model- is there anything this Londoner doesn't do? As a mere twenty-something, Zanna has built up a strong following thanks to her honest approach to fitness and invaluable advice. With a book due to be released in December this year, Zanna is also the face of Tommy Hilfiger's sportswear range and travels the world to promote her various brand partnerships.

Zanna Van Dijk

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