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Fitness on Holiday

Woman doing Yoga on Beach
The holidays booked and the trainers are out – there's no greater motivator to hit the gym and feel your best than an imminent summer break. As a personal trainer, your clients request is typically a combination of toning up and losing weight as the temperatures start to climb and the threat of exposing some skin becomes very real. After weeks or months of HIIT sessions and resistance training, they're looking lean, feeling confident and ready to hit the beach in style. Although holidays are a time to relax and regroup, they can also be an interruption to a successful fitness plan. Recommending a few holiday hacks to your client can keep their progress on track and allow them to maintain their beach body long after they hit the tarmac.

They pushed through the plateau and swapped boxsets for burpee's- help your clients keep up the good work with these top holiday tips:


Let's face it, hitting the hotel gym may have them running for the buffet table, but taking advantage of their new surroundings could be an exciting way to try something new. Whether it's surfing, swimming or running on the beach, holiday locations can be home to a host of new challenges for their body.


With a new country or area to explore, why not suggest that your clients give the tour bus a miss and incorporate a little light exercise into their itinerary? Walking or cycling are fantastic ways to discover the sights whilst keeping the body moving and enjoying the great outdoors.


They may not be able to take dumbbells or medicine balls in their suitcase, but packing a few take-anywhere fitness equipment can keep their regime on track. Skipping ropes, resistance bands and yoga mats are lightweight enough to stow away in their luggage whilst being effective in building lean muscle.


Long gone are the days of water aerobics in the hotel pool. Most holiday accommodation options have seriously stepped up their fitness programmes over the last five years and can offer a completely different training programme. With lower inhibitions and a more relaxed outlook, your client could not only make new friends but they could take an hour’s break from the sun lounger to torch some calories.


Although most would prefer to spend their holiday in a horizontal position, suggesting an alternative holiday format could give your clients what they need – a fitness boost as well as a relaxing break. Fitness holidays are fast becoming a firm favourite with holiday makers thanks to their bespoke flexibility and luxurious locations. Whether it's a yoga retreat in the Algarve or a body-firming vacation in St Lucia, they can return home tanned, toned and more motivated than ever.

Global Administrator | 27/07/2016 17:16:45

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