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Keeping The Family Fit For Childhood Obesity Week (6th - 12th July)

Obesity in children is a worrying topic that's been in the headlines for years. So what can we do to get our kids active during Childhood Obesity Week - and beyond?

The Benefits Of Getting Your Kids More Active

Sure, getting fit as a family will minimise the chances of your kids being overweight, now or in the future; but there are even more benefits besides reducing the risk of obesity.

  • Exercise gives kids a mental break from school work, revising, homework and exams
  • It focuses on play, movement and fun which kids of all ages need (and is key to their emotional well-being and all-round development)
  • Exercise now helps put good habits and healthy rewards in place for life, helping your kids become fitter, happier, more positive adults
  • Getting fit as a family will be great for you as a family unit, giving you fun activities to bond over and creating memories
  • Exercising and playing outdoors gets kids away from the TV and social media and into nature and the sunshine, great for their bodies and minds

6 Ways To Keep The Family Fit Together

What do your kids enjoy doing? Start there. Are they competitive, or do they prefer playing and exploring? Would a team sport suit them, or something more individual? Have they shown an interest in a particular sport, or would it be better to get them moving through play and fun? If you don't know, ask them.

In The Park

Try frisbee (or Ultimate Frisbee for the team players), touch rugby, football or fun and games on the play-park equipment. Monkey bars, climbing frames and adventure playgrounds can burn off a lot of energy.

In The Garden

Building dens, playing hide and seek, treasure hunts, trampolining, family races and challenges can all be done in the smallest of gardens, and with the smallest of children. Ideal if you aren't able to get out and about on the day.

With The Family Pet

Getting your kids involved with dog walks is a great way for them to expend more energy, and also take responsibility for a daily chore that’ll get them outside and into nature.

Out And About

Cycling, kayaking, hiking or long walks, nature trails, swimming and horse riding are all great ideas for older kids, who are up to longer days of activity. And it provides a great change of scene too.

Into The Trees

For a day out the whole family will love, try places like Go Ape! or Wild Wood for a day's activity, which definitely won't feel like exercise.

Set An Example

Be a great role mode. How active are you? How much sport, fitness, activity and movement do your kids see you doing? It's about more than Mum or Dad heading to the gym. Do you get outside, go for walks, use your free time to move your body and have fun at the same time? Seeing this may make your kids want to be more active themselves.

Summer is the perfect time to bring the family together through fitness. So how will you get the family active this Summer?

Do you want to motivate more people to get fit? Why not consider becoming a personal trainer, it's a great way to keep fit yourself and share your passion for fitness!

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