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Encourage your Clients to Make the Most of the Great Outdoors This Summer

Hiking on Hills

Summer is a great time for Personal Trainers to introduce a new fitness dimension to their clients' workout routines. Here are 5 ways your clients can make the most of outdoor workouts this Summer.

Location-specific workouts

Where is your PT business based? Why don’t you make the most of your local environment? If you're lucky enough to be near the coast, use the beach as an inspiring, motivating workout setting to freshen up any client's exercise routine. Local parks and other wide open spaces can be used for cardio-based sessions. If you have any hills nearby, build hill sprints, steep walks, or workout games into your client sessions.

Bootcamp-style sessions

The great outdoors really lends itself to bootcamp-style Personal Training sessions. As a trainer, you can move client sessions outdoors, to the beach, park or even into your client's back garden. Incorporate HIIT type training like sprints and plyometrics, alongside bodyweight exercises like press ups and walking lunges. The change of scene will boost your client's focus and motivation, and inject fun into their training routine.

Semi-private or small group training

Summer is a good time to offer small group PT or semi-private sessions, a great business model for Personal Trainers, which also benefits the client. Suggest your clients group together with family, friends or colleagues to work out together. Semi-private sessions can be bootcamp-style, circuits, HIIT, bodyweight training, or sport-specific. As a trainer, you benefit from maximising your time, and the client can enjoy the social aspect of working out with others.

Sport-specific workouts

A great way to liven up your client's regular sessions is to introduce some sport-specific workouts. Summer is a great time to guide your clients through really fun exercise like kayaking, biking, power walking, or even running sessions at the local track. They'll never complain of being bored or hitting a fitness plateau.

Work towards a Summer challenge

Why not set your entire client base a group challenge over the Summer? This is a great way to build a sense of community and a gentle level of competition. Use the Summer months to your advantage; you could use biking, running, kayaking or adventure racing, where clients could build points over the Summer by reaching personal goals. It's a good branding exercise for you, and a great way for clients to set time-specific goals, learn new skills, and enjoy the great outdoors whilst the weather lasts.

How do you use the great outdoors to your advantage as a Personal Trainer in the UK?

Global Administrator | 22/07/2015 15:33:24

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