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Summer Fitness Tips

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With summer here you're probably thinking about doing something about that gut. Whilst some of your mates may have been hitting the gym hard for the last year perfecting their beach pose and bigging themselves up for fitness instructor jobs, you've probably been more concerned with your beer pose.

But now's the time to do something about it. We know, we know. It sounds like a lot of effort. But with just that bit of effort could come all the benefits come holiday time.

Take a look at our top summer fitness tips, brought to you by the Training Room.

Train two days a week

It's not asking a lot, but if you're going to do something about your general fitness, you need to train at least twice a week. It's also vital to try and go at the same times each week. It's all about the habit of going. Making it there for many of us is the hardest part, but once you're in the habit, you'll be through those doors without even thinking about it. So now for when you're there!

Cardio Intervals

If you don't have an hour to pound down on the treadmill, try some high intensity training instead. Warm up for 5 minutes at a moderate pace, then once you hit 5.00 crank it up and go hard at 80-90% max effort for 30 seconds. Gear it back down for a cool down, then go again for another 30 seconds, then cool down again. If you do this about 5 to 8 times of 90 seconds each you'll be on the way for your summer bod.


It's often difficult to sustain a full body workout when using cardio equipment in the gym. Simply grab a rope and go for a couple of minutes hard and fast. Keep varying the pace and you'll soon be giving your body and intense workout. Those who're training and learning how to become a personal trainer will know, that pushing your body quickly and intensely in this manner will set you up well for a life of fitness.

Train better

You can stimulate muscle growth with very few exercises, but it's vital that you do them property. If you use heavier weights you can activate as many muscle fibres as possible. There are workouts out there where you can improve muscle growth in as little as four moves, but they're not easy. When looking to lift heavier weights it's always vital that you speak to a fitness professional who can advise you on correct technique before you start.


You may not be planning to do too much sleeping on holiday, but when improving your fitness getting at least eight hours of sleep a night is crucial for growth-hormone release. Get a regular sleeping pattern and you'll start to see the benefit.

Keep going

Even if you don't see immediate results, make sure you keep going. With a little drive and determination you'll get there.

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