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How To Help With Your Clients New Year’s Fitness Resolutions As A Personal Trainer

Did you know that an estimated 54% of the British general public will make a New Year’s resolution in 2022 and one quarter of the population will have one focusing on their health?  With one of the most common New Year’s resolutions being to get into shape, this is an especially active time of year not only to pick up new clients but to have your pre-existing ones share their latest goals and ambitions to be the best version of themselves going into 2022. 

The Training Room | 19/01/2022 09:00:00

Nutrition Advice And Tips For Problematic Skin

​If you’re looking to improve your complexion and clear your skin from the inside out, your diet really does play an integral part to reduce lingering skin issues that might have an impact on your self-confidence.

The Training Room | 11/01/2022 12:00:00