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New Year, New Me, New Career?

Well, another 12 months (and decade!) have passed and, as each preceding year, people have begun to consider and accomplish their New Year’s resolution! There are many different goals that many different people set out to achieve; ranging from trying to lose weight, maintaining a healthier diet or maybe start making wiser financial decisions. As it’s 2020 and a fresh decade, why not ask yourself “Am I happy in my current career?” and work towards a fresh you?

Here are some things you can do to best approach a new career for the ‘20s:

Rejuvenate your CV
If you asked yourself, honestly, “when was the last time I looked or updated my CV?” I bet, unless you’ve applied for or started a job recently, it was the last time you applied for your current job!

Did you know that, on average, hiring managers only look at a CV for 7 seconds? Why not take the time to rejuvenate your CV and update your experience, tweak and modernise the format and add those skills you learned last year! These are just a few of the things that can help you to stand out to recruiters and provide the first step into a new job or career. Here are some more of our recommended tips:
  • Steer clear of dull, clichéd sentences and inject some originality. 
  • Career switching? Describe why and how you’ll suit your new field.
  • Use bullet points (see what we did there?) – they are an effective way to break down key points clearly. Remember, 7 seconds!
For a more in-depth analysis on how best to update your CV, read our Detox Your CV with These Tips blog.
Consider Further Education
University is always a great option to further your knowledge and skillset. The one major downside, as we all know, is this will seriously deplete your pockets. For a full-time 3 year course, you could be looking at anything up to a £45,000 fee – not to mention the fact that this can’t really be undertaken whilst working a full-time job. This being said, it is one of the most obvious and effective methods of honing new skills towards a new career.

University isn’t the only option for further education, though – there are plenty of companies offering courses for almost anything you can do at university. Some companies, like us here at The Training Room, will also provide a dedicated career support person who will assist you with updating your CV, searching and applying for jobs and acing interviews!
‘Join’ the Gym!
Every January, thousands of guilt-and-turkey-filled individuals take advantage of the annual gym discounts and personal trainer offers in pursuit of a healthy ‘new me’. We’ve all had this feeling, particularly after the wades of festive food are consumed – but have you ever considered becoming a personal trainer yourself?

If this is something that you’ve thought about for a while, why not take the leap and go for it this year! The Training Room offer full-time, part-time, e-learning and blended Personal Training courses at prices the fraction of a University tuition. Now, why take a Personal Training course at The Training Room?
  • You can qualify as a Personal Trainer in as little as 5 weeks.
  • Multiple learning options allowing you to complete the course at your own pace.
  • You’ll receive a dedicated career support officer for up to 3 years from enrolling.
  • A chance to join a rapidly growing industry; currently worth around £5 billion with 1 in 7 Brits now holding a gym membership.
Still need convincing? Read how Amanda, one of our Health & Fitness Tutors, spent her first year as a Personal Trainer.

Other New Year Career Pathways
If you’re considering a career-hop during 2020 but don’t fancy personal training, there are plenty of other paths you can explore! Here at The Training Room, we also provide courses in Events and Tourism, Education and Teaching and IT and Development. Find out a little more below:

Events and Tourism: If you’re a pretty organised person, great at multi-tasking and love an event, you could make a career from it! The industry is on the rise (25% of Events firms are continuing to grow their teams!) so it’s a great place to start a new career.

Education and Teaching: Do you love working with children? Driven to support them in achieving their potential? Finding it difficult to find your dream career? Your future as a Teaching Assistant can be developed in many ways – with freedom to choose the age group to work in and which area you’d like to specialise in.

IT and Development: If you have a passion for technology and want to be fully qualified in 3-6 months, why not consider becoming a technology professional in one of the following: Network Specialist, Web Development, Infrastructure Technician, Cyber Security Technologist and Software Development.

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