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Motivating PT Clients Beyond New Year

Personal Trainer helping client to train weights

The New Year usually sees a surge in motivated clients, but what happens when it starts to drop off? Let's look at how you, as their Personal Trainer, can keep them working hard after the New Year boom.

January is a busy month for Personal Trainers, gyms and studios. The surge of New Year newbies, determined to stick to their New Year resolution, as well as people finding their way back to the gym after the break, means schedules are full with consultations and training sessions.

But what happens in February and March? The 8 week transformations have come to an end, and the initial upwelling of enthusiasm can start to wane. Even the most focused and dedicated client may struggle with motivation, time constrains and the reality of their newly-adopted fitness regime.

Here's where you come in. It's now, more than ever, that the skills of a great Personal Trainer are needed.

As a Personal Trainer, your job is to do much more than plan sessions, deliver workouts, and take measurements. You need to encourage, motivate and do whatever it takes to keep your client focused on their personal goals.


You won't be able to help motivate your clients if you don't truly understand the struggles they're up against. So listen carefully and read between the lines.

Check in

Offer extra opportunities to check in where possible. Make it clear when clients can catch you, and consider offering contact by text, email or Skype. If clients suddenly go quiet or off the radar, check in with them to see if all is okay.


Your role as a PT is more than just an exercise consultant. You also need to be a motivator, educator and source of support. Consider how you can best offer support to that particular client.

Go the extra mile

If appropriate, offer to take your client for a coffee to show how much you really care about their success, far beyond the hour or so that you spend with them in the gym.

Talk their language

Once you've listened, learn what kind of language resonates with your client. Do they need gentle cajoling or harsher home truths? Do they respond best to future rewards or the fear of past pain points?


There may come a point when your client needs more than their regular PT sessions. What can you give them to provide extra value? Added sessions, small group training, a cookbook, a place on a transformation competition? Perhaps it's time for them to move through your sales funnel.


Don't underestimate the power of giving small, low-cost gifts to clients to celebrate milestones. You can also use small products as incentives for personal or group challenges. This is also a great opportunity for you to make your branding more visible, and cement a reputation as a thoughtful trainer with unique ideas.

Keep your clients motivated and they'll love fitness all year round. And motivated clients mean a steadier income for you - all year round.

Global Administrator | 29/01/2015 17:15:52

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