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Attitude Magazine At The Training Room

Colin Gentry from Attitude Magazine
Attitude Magazine Come to the Training Room

We recently had Colin Gentry, the fitness editor of Attitude Magazine on one of our courses to showcase to their readers the core values of the Training Room. As a personal trainer himself he wished to hone some of his skills as well as gaining an understanding of how we do things here.

Lightning Fast Route to a New Profession

Colin described our Fast Track Personal Trainer course as “a lightning fast route to a new profession”, highlighting the ability to get yourself a career in one of the fastest moving professions in the UK without the need for formal qualifications and an expensive university degree.

Our Fast Track, Full-Time Courses consist of:

  • Intensive 6 week training programme running Monday to Friday
  • Qualified and experienced tutors
  • Professional development and mentoring
  • Dedicated employment advice and assistance

Colin commented: “If you can become qualified and get a job in less than two months it is pretty impressive in such a tough job market”.

Personal Trainer Courses with the Training Room

During his time with us, Colin got to know us to find out exactly why personal training is such a fantastic career and sets the Training Room apart.

Dave Moore, one of our tutors, commented on the career prospects saying: “It’s such a good job when you get out there. It’s very rewarding working with the clients, seeing them achieve their goals. A lot of people have a passion for the industry as well, so they enjoy being in that gym environment”.

When quizzed on what makes the Training Room so special, Dave said: “It’s the support from start to finish. We have an interview process at the start, we give them great teaching, great facilities as well. What’s really great is the support we give them after the course. We give them good support and get them into jobs.”

A Career for Everyone

Dave highlighted the diversity of our students when he said: “We get a very broad range. We get lots of different backgrounds, different ages, abilities. We try and accommodate all these different types of people”.

Personal Training is a very diverse career suiting many different people from varying backgrounds. We pride ourselves on providing a career path for this wide cross section of people.

Having Colin brush up on his skills and join us for some training was a fantastic experience for us. We hope it was for him too. 

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