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Blue Monday Doesn't Affect Personal Trainers!

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Going to work in January and facing Blue Monday - the third Monday in January (January 21, 2013) and so-called ‘most depressing day of the year’ - may get some of us down, but not personal trainers, new research reveals.  Britain’s growing number of personal trainers are satisfied in their jobs, have a healthy outlook and don’t dread January or Blue Monday, according to independent research* conducted by OnePoll for The Training Room personal trainer academy.

A significant 77% of office workers dread going to work in January compared to 37% of personal trainers getting the January blues.  A healthy 63% of PTs will happily head to work on Blue Monday (January 21, 2013) but only 23% of office workers will feel positive about the prospect.

Secret of personal trainers’ smiles

When it comes to stress, job security and career progression, personal trainers fare well – and perhaps this is the secret of their happiness at work?  51% of personal trainers said they’re not stressed at work compared to 29% of office workers.  Personal trainers also feel more secure in their jobs with 42% saying this and 57% saying they never feel stuck in a career rut.  By comparison, only 29% of office workers feel secure and 73% sometimes or always feel stuck in a career rut.

“Personal training is a very rewarding career and the motivational, upbeat manner of our work, the flexible working hours and the inevitable health benefits of having an active job all lead to work and lifestyle satisfaction,” explains Lucy Jackson, head of training at The Training Room personal trainer academy.  “We train around 2,500 people a year and the positive impact on those who are switching careers is particularly dramatic,” continues Lucy.  “If you’d like to head to work with a spring in your step, being a personal trainer could just do the trick,” she suggests.

Gender and geographic trend

Overall, more women than men find work in January depressing with 75% of ladies stating this compared to 67% of menfolk. 

Geographically, most people are depressed going to work in January in the West Midlands (79%), the North East (75%) and the South East (74%).  East Anglian and Scottish workers are the happiest with 61% in both regions going to work with a smile.

The happiest age groups in the workforce are 45-54 (55% ) and 55+ (54%) closely followed by 18-24 year olds (51%).  Sadly, 75% of people aged 35-44 found it depressing going to work in January, as did 73% of 25-34 years olds.

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