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Tips For Organising Your Time As A Personal Trainer

Are you a passionate Personal Trainer but organisation isn’t necessarily your strong point? Don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you get plenty of advice for organising and allocating your time wisely as well as ensuring you have the digital tools to excel within your health and fitness career! 

The Training Room | 17/02/2022 12:00:00

Student Testimonial: Andy - Personal Training

We really enjoy getting in touch with our former students to see what they're up to in their new careers after studying with us, learning about their experiences as well as how they were able to manage multitasking around their studies alongside other family and work commitments. 

The Training Room | 15/02/2022 15:00:00

How To Motivate Insecure, Body Conscious Clients As A Personal Trainer

As a Personal Trainer, you’re bound to have all types of clients - bubbly ones, reserved ones, self-motivated ones and also clients who are really struggling with their body image in a very heightened way. At first, it might be a bit of a challenge trying to get this type of client to believe in themselves, push through their self-doubt and troubled mindset before having them reach a place where they finally come through to the other side. Your job is not only to inspire them but to uplift them and really understand their struggle…but at the same time without lingering on it! It’s a fine line. 

The Training Room | 10/02/2022 11:00:00

Good Nutrition Tips And Tricks To Keep a Healthy Brain

Looking to enhance your brain abilities and become more alert, capable, and productive early in the new year? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of ways to elevate your nutrition to coincide with optimizing your brain's cognitive function and nourishing your mind at the same time. Did you know that 20% of calories you consume per day contribute to fuelling your brain? That’s a lot! 

The Training Room | 01/02/2022 12:00:00