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A day in the life of a Personal Trainer

You’re passionate about health and fitness, love working with people and think personal training could be your dream job. In this article we’ve pulled together what we think you need to understand about what life is like as a personal trainer (PT).  In this blog, we’ll walk you through a typical day, written from a personal trainer’s perspective, so you feel well-informed about whether or not it’s the right career for you.

The Training Room | 01/02/2019 14:00:00

Five Key Skills for Becoming a Standout Personal Trainer

Working for yourself, determining your own hours and helping to change lives for the better – all whilst doing something you love – means becoming a personal trainer (PT) is one of the smartest moves you can make. But in a competitive industry, what skills do you need to be a standout personal trainer with a strong, repeat client base? And what courses should you take to get there? We’re about to reveal all…

The Training Room | 01/02/2019 10:00:00

What is a Personal Trainer and what are the benefits of becoming one?

Everyone has a reason for wanting to exercise. It could be to lose body fat, build muscle, reduce blood pressure or live longer for their children. Whatever a person’s reason is, they’ve made an emotional decision to make a positive change.  And by hiring a personal trainer, they’ve put their trust in somebody else to help them achieve their goals.
The wonderful thing about becoming a personal trainer (PT) is that it offers you the chance to make a real difference to people’s lives. And if you add this to your own passion for keeping fit and healthy, this makes for a truly fulfilling career. 

The Training Room | 01/02/2019 09:00:00