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Q&A Session With Becki Rabin

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Student Name: Becki Rabin

Type of course: E-learning

Meet Becki Rabin, 25, who is passionate about delivering fitness and nutritional coaching, so much so that Becki decided to step it up a gear and become a fully qualified Personal Trainer at The Training Room!

Due to full-time work commitments as an Advertising Manager, Becki opted to study our flexible e-learning option. What’s so impressive is that she set herself a goal of graduating in just three months! In December marked the three months’ threshold and she achieved her goal and became a fully qualified Personal Trainer; well done Becki, great job!

Although it’s certainly a challenging accolade, combining full-time work with a course at The Training Room is definitely achievable and very rewarding. If you’re considering a course at The Training Room, then Becki Rabin’s Q&A is guaranteed to give you some valuable insight into how it all works at The Training Room.

Q: What was your experience from your initial contact with The Training Room Academy Assessors?

Amazing experience from start to finish. Everyone has been super helpful from the beginning in working out the best course for me to take and explaining how it works. I was introduced to my new tutor, Paul within days of being set up and we had a long chat about how the course works, how I can fit it into my every day schedule and what I was expected to do.

Q: Why did you choose The Training Room?

I know friends that have previously qualified with The Training Room and highly recommended the course.

Q: What material did you receive from The Training Room when you started your course?

Training manuals, course guides and examples of how the course should be completed.

Q: What was your experience on our course?

It was tough, doing e-learning and working full time and setting myself such a short time frame to get everything done but I enjoyed it and learnt so much. My tutor was extremely helpful, he always replied quickly to my queries regarding coursework and the exams, and also explained areas that I may have found a little confusing. Overall the course has been an amazing experience and has been so interesting from start to finish.

Q: What was the highlight of the course?

I loved the nutrition unit of the course and am looking forward to starting the advanced nutrition unit. I have always learnt as much as I can about nutrition in my spare time so it was amazing to be able to learn this in a lot more depth! I also found it fascinating learning about hormones and how stress and cortisol can affect our bodily functions. I also loved learning how to plan and deliver sessions to clients.

Q: What is your best memory about your time on our course?

Completing the practical.

Q: How did you find the tutor?

Paul was really helpful throughout. Always quick to respond and reply to my emails/questions and very quick at marking everything and giving me feedback quickly. He helped answer lots of the questions I was firing at him and cleared up any areas I found difficult.

Q: How did you find balancing doing your course and other lifestyle commitments / other work?

It was difficult. It was so important for me to ensure I organised my time to keep on top of everything. I am fairly self-disciplined and am good at making sure I set myself targets and deadlines so for me I did manage it well.

Q: Would you recommend this course to others? If yes, why?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone is helpful, the content is really informative and enjoyable and the knowledge gained is invaluable!

It's been great having you on our course Becki, we look forward to hearing how your Personal Trainer career goes from strength to strength.

Global Administrator | 09/02/2016 11:36:57

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