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Kevin Betts - Part Time Course - Weekend 3

Kevin Betts
I’m almost half way there with my The Training Room PT qualification, now. I attended my third weekend of distance learning a couple of weeks ago and it was exam time... Dreaded exam time!

As a distance learning student, I was always worried that I wouldn’t have enough time for study and that I may get confused with how much stuff I have to do at home. It’s true that there is a lot to do in your own time, but the tutors have given me so much direction – so many resources, learning packs and study tips that I felt really comfortable with the stuff I had to learn.

There were two paper exams to be had, followed by my extended practical (essentially writing a fitness programme for someone and taking them through it). Fair to say it was going to be a busy weekend. The paper exams were ‘Anatomy and Physiology’ and ‘Principles’. All of it was stuff that was covered in detail in the learning handbooks. There was a lot to learn but I enjoyed it – that is, after all, why I’m doing the course. To give an idea of the topics that were covered, I thought I’d jot a few down here:

Anatomy and physiology
Nervous system
Respiratory system (structure and function of the heart and lungs)
Energy systems
Joints and joint actions

Working with special populations (children, old people, pre and post natal women etc)
Warm up and cool down
Healthy eating and nutrition
Components of fitness
Body composition
Health related fitness

As you can see – there is loads to learn. But once again, I stress that we all chose to do the course so I hope we wanted to learn these things. We went into the exams knowing exactly what time they were, how long they’d last and what pass grades were required. The tutors at Southampton have been great at giving us the information we need and the support required by phone or email. It didn’t stop me being pretty worried about the exams, though. Don’t let me make it sound like a walk in the park – it’s not! The exams were tough and I was pleased that I read up before they started.

Luckily for me, I passed. I’m not sure how everyone else did – we got our marks individually. Next up is level 3 – the full personal training diploma. Where you need to know even more. Where you get autonomy and learn about doing the stuff you really do the qualification for – to work directly with people to make changes to their lives. I can’t wait to get started. As all distance learners should have done, I’ve already started my reading. We need to know plenty before we turn up in a couple of weeks time. Fingers crossed it’ll be just as well organised, just as fun and just as demanding! Look out for updates...


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