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Exercise For Cancer Patients

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Fitness is not something you might think goes along with cancer, but it can often help people improve their energy levels and prognosis. When you were well, do you remember exercising and feeling rejuvenated? This is because of the endorphins released into the body. The chemicals help to improve energy balance and mood. People with a healthy outlook will heal faster. The benefits of exercise for cancer patients are numerous. Here are some of the most beneficial.

1. Improve Energy Levels Through Exercise! 

Exercise can help people improve their energy levels and mood. Recovery is easier when you are receptive to the treatment and are in better spirits. Depressed people emit certain hormones that may be detrimental to cancer treatments. Mesothelioma patients, especially, are prone to depression and may take longer to recover from cancer surgery. Each cancer patient’s regimen will be different so it is important to speak with your doctor to develop an applicable plan.

2. Improve Your Immune System

Improve your immune system and fight cancer faster with exercise. Research has shown that regular exercise can have up to a 50% reduction in occurrence in men. More specifically, research has also shown that active people are 24% less likely to develop colon cancer than those who are sedentary. Furthermore, women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 30% with daily physical activity. As research continues to advance there may be even more correlation made between exercise and specific types of cancer. Even so, improving your immune system through regular physical activity can have many long-term health benefits.

3. Exercise for an Improved Quality of Life 

Cancer patients often feel they are dependent upon people throughout their battle, and one thing they strive for is their daily independence. On a simple level, when patients exercise, they can move around more and are less dependent on other people. This results in a better quality of life. Prognosis may also improve with a better quality of life. As patients integrate more physical activity into their routines, gain more energy and have a more positive attitude overall, they will begin to take back control of their lives.

4. You Can Improve Your Life With Exercise

When you exercise, not only can you improve your quality of life, but your risk of developing cancer diminishes, as well the risk of recurrence in survivors. Participate in exercise as much as possible. Stay motivated and energized. You will feel good and heal faster!

Author: Melanie Brown, Awareness Advocate for Natural Helath.

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