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Coaching Tips For Personal Trainers

People Running on a treadmill
Take a look at these useful tips from our tutors at the Newcastle Academy, Chris and Karl. These are great rules to abide by if you're an up and coming personal trainer.

1. Always coach at 90-degree angles. You'll never see everything you want to see from a 45-degree angle, so you're better off directly in front of and/or to the side of the one performing the exercise.

2. Never cross your arms. This is the single-best way to say "Don't talk to me; I'm in a bad mood." The problem is that you might not even be in a bad mood, but that's the way clients and athletes perceive it. "Open arms" equals "open to interaction."

3. Don't sit down. How athletic is this posture?

4. Find out whether clients/athletes like "demonstrate" or "describe." Some people are visual learners; you need to show them what you are asking them to do. This is especially true among beginners, and those who don't have strong athletic backgrounds (as well as those who are very forgetful).

5. Find different ways to demonstrate energy. Many up-and-coming coaches worry that they aren't "Rah Rah" enough to be successful in this field. They seem to think that the only way to win people over is to be over-the-top excited all the time. The truth is, though, that the majority of the most successful people in the industry aren't in-your-face yellers, non-stop clappers, or bouncing-off-the-wall coaches.

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