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Angela's Story - The Great Outdoors

Angie Corlett on a Bike, Rock climbing and abseiling

Several years ago I was stuck in a vicious circle, I was fed-up and bored with my lifestyle, I didn't feel happy within myself and I piled on the weight. I would feel miserable about the way I looked and so would eat, either through boredom or to make me feel better. I tried all sorts of diets and yo-yoed between them and, although I would lose a bit of weight fast, it would go back on quickly and I would add even more. Finally I had decided enough was enough, I wasn't going to go up yet another dress size and was certainly not going to do another painful diet, and so it was time for a lifestyle change.

As an avid fan of the outdoors, I started mountain biking and kayaking, and found that it was a fun and easy way to keep fit as well as a chance to meet different people and face new and exciting challenges. I was losing weight and toning up, but my diet was appalling and so I decided to learn more about nutrition and work on eating a healthy and balanced diet to 'compliment' my new lifestyle. I was soon seeing the physical differences, but the biggest change was to my attitude, I felt happier within myself and once again was full of life and energy, I was the old me again.

In the spring of 2011, I had an amazing opportunity to be part of a TV documentary, where I was introduced to Rock Climbing. Over a jam-packed weekend, I found out that not only was I not scared of heights; I had unearthed a passion that I never knew was there, and was challenged not only physically but mentally too. I instantly took to the rocks and the amazing scenery that came with it. Climbing has become a big part of my outdoors obsession, and I have never looked back.

I also admitted to myself that I wasn't happy in my working life and resolved to change things. I was working as an IT Training Manager, doing a degree in IT and working my way towards a really successful career. However, in June of last year I took voluntary redundancy and had a few months notice to decide what to do from there. I soon realised that sitting at a desk all day wishing I was outside was not for me, and that I should combine my love of the outdoors and keeping fit with a new and exciting career.

Becoming a qualified personal trainer was the next logical step. I was a bit worried as I really didn't enjoy the gym but, on speaking with one of The Training Room advisors, I realised that there were lots of other options available to me once qualified. It was daunting taking the leap and completely changing career paths but I told myself "failure is not an option" and the rest, so to speak, is history. I had a great time on the course; I learnt a lot and built up a great relationship with the tutors who still help me out to this day.

Now a qualified Personal Trainer, I want to be able to help others along their personal health and fitness journey. I continually strive for further knowledge and experience and ensure that my knowledge is up to date by attending continual professional development courses and workshops.

I've now set up my own business and my circuits and spinning classes are going really well. It's early days but I'm confident that I'm going to make a success of it and, what's more, I now have a job that I love.

Angela Corlett

Global Administrator | 08/02/2012 16:03:07

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