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Hacks For Motivating All Your Clients As A Personal Trainer


While beginning your career as a Personal Trainer, you’ll encounter all different personality types, people who are self-motivated with their training goals… and others who are a little hesitant or fall off the wagon in terms of following your instructions and keeping to their fitness and diet plan. That’s just how it goes! You might observe that they struggle to keep up their morale, find themselves losing interest and procrastinate from reaching their potential. 
So as a Personal Trainer, what do you do when your client is struggling internally to bring out the best in themselves and is mentally checking out from putting the work in? Don’t be discouraged when situations like this arise, there are several tactics and plans of action that you can go forward with to help get your client back on track and excited to get themselves into shape!
It’s about helping them fight back against their self-saboteur, distractions, reminding them about where they want to be and doing your best to inspire them. Here are some of our top tips for conquering your clients’ negative habits and make their eventual success that much more rewarding: 
Establish both short and long-term goals 
It’s important to have a mix of long and short-term goals in order for your client to stay motivated. The end goal might be to lose 2 stone within the space of a couple of weeks or months but incorporating short term goals is going to be what ultimately gets them to that long-term goal. 
Short term goals such as losing 5-6lbs per month or keeping to a regimented diet plan can give your client that confidence to know they’re on their way and making real progress along the way! 
Test them and add variation with fun fitness challenges 
Not only will you be able to be hands on and add structure into your clients’ workouts, but you’ll create an exciting, competitive aspect to their gym experience too which can work wonders to keep your client on their toes and spur them on to display their determination and what they’re made of! 
A lot of people thrive and want to excel when given a specific challenge and you’ll find your client will be very engaged as a result. From push-ups, planks, pull-ups, running, burpees, and bench presses and skipping rope challenges! Pick a challenge you think your client will enjoy but at the same time get them out of their comfort zone. 
Ensure your sessions together are tailored to what they enjoy 
What might be fun for yourself and a lot of your clients might not necessarily translate to others. Some clients might be more into cardio and less enthusiastic about weight training and vice versa. 
This is where getting to know your client, using your social skills and collaborating directly with your client will help to mitigate any misunderstandings that could crop up in terms of their exercise preferences.
You should also ensure you’re approachable and flexible too. Why’s that? This is because your client should feel comfortable enough to let you know they want to switch up the workouts or express they want to try somebody different. 
Track your clients progress to display their progression
For some clients, their long-term goal might feel like it will take ages to finally reach. By ensuring you track your clients progress from weightlifting capabilities, how many miles they’re able to run, how many estimated calories burnt per session - it will go a long way to instill motivation and a sense of making an impact with your client’s state of mind. 
It’s your role as a Personal Trainer to take note of all the milestones your client is making and present them these results for them to really see their progression, give them positive feedback and build their confidence. If your client isn’t privy to their advancements, there’s more chance that they’re going to lose focus and might become slightly discouraged. 
Build an online presence for your client to look up to 
Show your client that you practice what you preach by cultivating your social media content around your enthusiasm and activity as a Personal Trainer who loves staying active. The benefit of this is to be a source of inspiration even when you're not able to talk directly to your client. 
Your client will be reminded of their goals and your expectations when they’re scrolling through their social media feed - it can really boost their engagement and encourage them by being the example they need even when they’re not at the gym. 
You can use your social media to create motivational posts, encourage online interaction and motivate your clients to share their own fitness journey and progression. You’ll be a bigger presence in your clients’ daily lives and you’ll easily attract more clients as a result of them finding your original content. 
Keep your client evolving! Changing up the workouts 
If your client is looking a little disinterested perhaps rework their exercise plan and think about how you could make it more varied and exciting for the client. Get their input too if you’re stumped for ideas! It will significantly help them from plateauing their progress and keep your sessions with them more spontaneous, fun, and unpredictable.
It’ll also give you the opportunity to understand their preferences and capabilities in a range of different areas. So do your best to keep changing up their routine and steer away from having them think exercise as a chore - if they don’t know what's coming, you’ll keep your client on their toes, active and interested. 
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