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Personal Training May Not Be as Far From Being a Jedi As You Think.

With the launch of the new Star Wars Film fast approaching we thought we would have a little fun with one of our blogs… At least that was how it started out, then we realised that actually there are an awful lot of similarities between being a Personal Trainer and being a Jedi.

In fact we’ve come to the conclusion that Personal Trainers might well be modern Jedi Knights in disguise!

Here we tell you how we came to that conclusion.

Realisation One: They Both Wear a Uniform

Okay, so that may be the only similarity for this one, but let us be honest here. Both Personal Trainers and Jedis must dress the part.

Personal Trainers wear sports clothes and appropriate footwear, Jedis wear that oh-so-flattering brown robe, with some rather attractive boots. According to the oracle of all Star Wars knowledge this clothing was designed to reflect their attachment free philosophy and promote freedom of movement. However, we personally think that if they’d have discovered lycra in the realm of Star Wars that they would have found themselves in awe of the stretchiness...

Realisation Two: They Can Both Harness ‘The Force’

Similar to ‘The Force’ that Jedis harness and is inarguably not to be reckoned with, the motivation and determination of Personal Trainers (PTs) to succeed and to help others succeed is a ‘force’ which many find themselves in awe of.

Well that, and strength - Personal Trainers often weight train. Can you say that about Jedis?

Realisation Three: Mind Tricks

‘These are not the droids you are looking for’ is one of the greatest examples of Jedi mind trickery in the Star Wars saga. Similarly, Personal Trainers are the ones who convince their clients that they CAN do it, even when their clients think that they cannot.

Personal Trainer to the stars Lindsay Vastola shares her mantra ‘your body only achieves what your mind believes’. Lindsay says that this is a great mantra which she uses with her clients to shift their mindset from ‘failure and scarcity to success and possibility’ - some mind trick, eh?!

Realisation Four: They Both Use Specialist Equipment

Okay, so PTs don’t exactly go storming round the gym, Lightsaber in hand, doing back flips all over the place - this isn’t the movies - but they are trained in using specialist equipment all the same.

Just like Jedis know how to wield a Lightsaber in battle, in the gym the Personal Trainer is king. Need to know how to properly lift some weights? Ask a PT. Need to know how to train using the ropes? Ask a PT. Having trouble with the Treadmill? Ask a PT. Need to know which piece of equipment will help you target specific muscle groups? Ask a PT.

Enough said really.

Realisation Five: They Are Masters at Resisting the ‘Dark Side’

Apart from Anakin and, more recently, Kylo Ren (amongst a handful of others), Jedis have a pretty good track record of resisting the ‘Dark Side’ of The Force.

Now for Personal Trainers resisting the ‘Dark Side’ could be a number of things. It could be that for you the ‘Dark Side’ is not going to the gym whilst on holiday. It could be not falling into the trap of having that extra chocolate biscuit. Or it could be not practising what you preach. Whatever the ‘Dark Side’, Personal Trainers are , in general, strong in mind and body - just like a Jedi!

So there you have it - the realisation that perhaps as a Personal Trainer or a Personal Trainer Padawan, you are on the path to becoming a Jedi Master.
Next time you’re slipping on your lycra remember that the force is strong in Personal Trainers and that they are fighting the good fight - just like Jedis!

How To Train Like A Jedi Infographic

Want To Find Out More About How To Use The Force?

Why not check out our selection of inter-galactically recognised Personal Trainer Qualifications found here, or give us a call to find out more about how you can train to become a Jedi Knight - sorry we meant Personal Trainer, the similarities are just too much!

gceditor | 13/12/2016 12:36:52

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