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Winter Motivation Tips From Fitness Industry Experts

winter running
When the colder days draw near, it makes it that little bit more difficult to muster up enough energy – and enthusiasm – to get ourselves to the gym or head outdoors for a jog or boot camp session. So to give you that much needed motivation, The Training Room has teamed up with some of the very best experts in the fitness industry to provide you with their motivational tips. Before you know it, you’ll be taking on those dreary mornings head first and running your way through those darker evenings.

Joel Snape, Live Hard 

“Prep the night before. Always. If your kit is in your bag – and ideally, the coffee's already in the cafetiere and your protein powder's in a shaker, ready to go – you'll find it much easier to haul yourself out of bed and off to training. Two minutes of prep the night before really do make a difference.”

Georgina Spenceley, Fitcetera
“However you choose to train there are ways to mix it up to keep your motivation high. Add supersets, drop sets, pre- or post-exhaust training to a dull weightlifting routine. Use intervals, circuits and HIIT training to spice up a repetitive gym programme. You can also change the rep ranges you’re working with to focus on different aspects of training – i.e. strength, endurance, power. There are so many ways to liven up your workouts! 

And if you haven’t chosen what exercises you enjoy the most yet? Try classes to find what really gets your endorphins going! ”

Natalie Goodchild, The Blonde Ethos
“I think the key to keeping motivated in the winter months is to find something that you genuinely enjoy. I never used to be into sport - I couldn’t even leap frog at school - but I always loved dance. I suggest trying local dance classes, or sign up for a course like pole fitness, which will incorporate a greater strength element into your workouts. As dance classes tend to be really sociable, consider signing up with a friend to help ensure you won’t skip a session.”

Paul Stainthorpe, Father Fitness
“As we have a dog, it's easy to motivate my family. We walk around local parks and nature reserves, as there’s always something interesting to see, and it's great exercise for all the family. Wrap up warm when you’re out walking; there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! The fresh crisp air at this time of year certainly blows off the cobwebs.”

Dani Watson, This Woman’s Word
“If you prefer to exercise from the comfort of your own home, I’ve devised just the thing for you - a 4x4 cardio and bodyweight blast workout that requires little equipment. Make sure you warm up beforehand and cool down afterwards for at least ten minutes.

10 x Burpees 
20 second on the spot sprint
30 x Squats
40 x Jumping Jacks

Bodyweight Strength Exercises
10 x plank push ups (advance: use an incline such as your sofa or table)
20 x tricep dips knees bent (advance: stretch your legs out and perform on the heels of your feet)
30 x alternate lunges (advance: jump when alternating)
40 x squat pulses

10 x Burpees 
20 second on the spot sprint
30 x Squats
40 x Jumping Jacks

10 x Scissor Kicks (advance: complete 5 going up and 5 coming down)
20 x V Up (advance: make the exercise more challenging by using a medicine ball or free weights plate)
30 x Russian Twists (advance: make the exercise more challenging by using a medicine ball or free weights plate)
40 x Reverse Crunches

Repeat x 3. 

This way, there’s no need to leave your home, so you can keep cosy and dry whilst keeping fit. ”

So whenever you’re feeling the chill and don’t want to venture outdoors, just think about these motivational tips to inspire you to exercise. Once you’ve completed your workout at the gym or kicked off your trainers after a run through the park, you’re sure to feel energised and ready to take on the world. A little preparation can go a long way, and a wardrobe of high quality clothing will help you to face the winter elements. If our fitness experts can do it, why can’t you? Winter doesn’t mean you have to hibernate; no more excuses!

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