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Helping Your Clients Beat The Bugle at Christmas

The Christmas season is full of temptations – from office chocolates to party canapés – it's easy to get carried away, while the treadmill becomes a distant memory. But don't let this year’s festivities undo all of your good work. Try these simple steps to keep motivation flowing, alongside the mulled wine.

Keep It Up

The objective for any client over a period of rest is to maintain the body's functional ability, even when they can't get to the gym. This can be achieved by incorporating a series of upper body exercises within lower body moves, which engages more than one muscle group in a single movement. Shoulder press lunges, overhead squats and reverse lunges, with a torso twist, can easily be done at home – in between Christmas shopping trips, wrapping and writing festive cards. This will ensure the client maintains strength, stamina and muscle fibre recruitment during the holiday season.

Hiit It

Everyone is busier this time of year, so making exercise as easy as possible to fit in around chores and to-do lists is key. Keep workouts short (no more than 20 – 25 minutes) but effective with high intensity interval training. Whether it's cardio or weight-based, it will torch calories and maximise fat burn, even after the session has ended.

Be In It To Win It

Keeping momentum going while the world winds down for the festive period can be very demotivating. Give your clients incentives to turn up, by encouraging them to sign up to an event in the New Year (making holiday training a necessity), or creating an advent calendar-style competition at your gym.

Don’t Eat This, Eat That

Food is undeniably, a big part of Christmas, and although it's important that your clients use this time to enjoy themselves, you could advise your clientele to eat a healthy, small meal (such as avocado on rye bread) before they head out to a party; this makes it easier to avoid the calorie-laden canapés, and fill up on fizzy tipples. When it comes to the big Christmas Day lunch, making smart food choices keeps calorie content down and nutrient contents up. Here are some of our favourite food swaps:

  • Ditch roast white potatoes for vitamin-rich sweet potatoes, cooked in coconut oil and garlic.
  • Opt for lightly steamed vegetables over boiled to keep the vital nutrients in.
  • Removing the skin before eating the turkey can save around 40kcal per portion.
  • Although traditional, choosing custard instead of cream can save 21g of fat per portion.
  • There's no need to miss out on stuffing this year, swapping the typical meat version for a cranberry, orange and roast chestnut recipe will save you an additional 110 calories.
  • Don't be caught off guard at a party – make your own healthy snacks (like guacamole) to bring with you. Not only will it make you a thoughtful guest, it also means you don't have to give in to temptation.
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