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Christmas Party Food: Help Your Clients Make Healthier Choices Over The Festive Season

mince pies

Staying on track with healthy eating and fitness over Christmas can be difficult. Even clients with the strongest willpower often lose focus during the festivities, and risk undoing their good work by abandoning training, and healthy eating, until the New Year. If the Christmas canapés are too tempting for your clients, our guide will make sure they choose healthier alternatives and face the Christmas buffet with confidence.

1. Eating Habits

Ask your clients to think about their eating habits over the Christmas period. If they’re constantly nibbling chocolates and treats, the calories will soon add up, and they could pile on the pounds. One sausage roll at the party buffet quickly leads to another, and then there are the crisps and chocolates and mince pies. Before they know it, your client could have consumed the same number of calories as in a full meal.

2. Beware Of Extra Salt

Explain that foods with a high salt content, such as bacon, salted nuts, gravy granules and cheese, should be eaten in moderation. Too much can cause high blood pressure.

3. Sensible Drinking

Alcohol is loaded with calories. If your client is drinking alcohol encourage them to alternate each drink with a glass of water. It’s also a great way to beat those hangover blues.

4. Nutty Options

Nuts do have a number of health benefits, but encourage your clients to choose the healthier varieties such as Chestnuts which are lower in fat.

5. Pastry In Pies

Christmas may not seem like Christmas without a mince pie. Although they might not look it, mince pies are high in calories and fat. Instead of shortcrust pastry, suggest using low-fat, crunchy pastry alternatives.

6. Tempting Turkey

Avoid eating the turkey skin, which contains most of the cooked bird’s fat. When you’re cooking your turkey, prick the skin so some of the fat can drain out, and don’t add oil or butter.

7. In The Cooking

Instead of using solid fat such as lard to roast potatoes, remind your client to use vegetable oils. These are lower in saturates and contain good fats that can help to reduce cholesterol levels.

8. Go For Colour

When you’re filling your buffet plate, a good tip is to select colourful foods, such as vegetables, rather than beige foods. Encourage your clients to think about portion sizes and to fill up on the healthier alternatives.

9. Fun And Creative

Make food fun by thinking of creative ways to include healthy food. For example, a fruit salad Christmas tree for pudding. Look online for ideas and inspiration.

Picking the right foods this Christmas will leave your clients feeling much more positive and fitter in the New Year.

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