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Be January Ready: How to be Prepared For New Clients in the New Year

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Personal Trainers: how do you feel about your January bank balance? Here’s how to make sure your income is thriving in the New Year.

1. Act Now For A Healthy New Year Income

Now is the time to set yourself up for a good January. Boost your existing marketing, send out plenty of content (there is so much to write about at this time of year), get out into your local area, follow up on all leads, and revisit old lapsed leads. All of those people will be thinking about their January health, fitness and fat loss already. Be there for them, now.

2. Gain New Clients In January

Capitalise on people’s desire to get in shape in January, but start priming them now. Communicate with your prospects through content marketing on social media, get them on to your list, and then send a short series of emails, selling them on to your January programme. Consider exciting guerrilla marketing tactics themed around Christmas, New Year and 2016. Hook up with Christmas Fairs in your local area to get yourself in front of potential clients. You could even partner up with local restaurants, butchers, and health and beauty practitioners to offer something special.

3. Maintain Your Existing Client Base

The clients you’ve already got are your best source of income. Don’t neglect them in your bid to find new January clients. Keep them motivated and show them some love. Give them Christmas gifts (branded and on-message) to make them feel special. Consider making it something they could pass on to someone else (a voucher for a PT session) or something visibly branded (a water bottle, a t-shirt) so they do your marketing for you. You could set up a Team Challenge now to cover the Christmas and New Year period, with incentives and prizes at the end. Keep your existing clients motivated and part of the gang.

4. Use Residual Income

You already know you should have multiple income streams, so you don’t rely on swapping your time for money. Do you already have products like ebooks, online training plans or downloads which people can purchase? Boost your marketing for these items, or dig them out of the archives and run a special offer. Set a low-level price point so people will click through without hesitation. Consider whether your product can be bought as a Christmas gift, and use that as a marketing hook. Don’t have any residual income generating products? It’s not too late to create one. A short ebook priced at under £10 can be written, designed and made available in less than a week. Get on it.

So now you know how to be January ready, it’s time to get out there and put everything in to practice.

Global Administrator | 22/12/2015 14:55:24

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