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30 Minute Workouts

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Some days are so busy, there's barely time for a workout. So why not try this quick and effective 30-minute lunchtime workout so you can stay active and feel alert during a hectic day at work.

Just 30 minutes is all you need for a workout which will challenge your body, burn calories, boost your metabolic rate, as well as energising you for the rest of the day.

So here’s our guide to the perfect lunchtime workout. Simply change into comfortable workout wear, lace up your trainers and set a stopwatch for 30 minutes.

Ready? Let's go!

Warm up

Minutes 1-5

Hit the stairs! Use your work's staircase to get the blood pumping and increase your heart rate. Do a few sets of walking up and down, and then pick up the pace until you’re running up the stairs and walking back down. 5 minutes of stair work is all you'll need to get warmed up for the rest of your 30 minute workout. Do be careful on the descents.

Pick up the pace

Minutes 6-10

Try this superset for just 4 minutes (You won't want to do more!).

Find some floor space and perform 8-12 press ups, followed by 8-10 burpees. Keep this superset going until you've reached 10-minutes.

Give it your all!

Minutes 11-21

It's time to hit the main section of your lunch time workout. This 10 minute bodyweight circuit will use every major muscle group, keep the heart rate high, and encourage a metabolic effect by shuttling blood flow between upper and lower body.

Work hard - it's only 10 minutes!

You're going to perform a circuit of 4 exercises, one after the other, with a short break after the fourth exercise.

Backwards-stepping lunges (45 seconds)

Bodyweight squats (45 seconds

Mountain climbers (45 seconds)

Press ups (45 seconds)

30 seconds break (walk around)

Repeat the circuit 3 times. If you have any favourite variations of bodyweight squat or press ups, use them as alternatives for one or two of the sets.

Slow it down

Minutes 21-25

Hit the floor for some strengthening work.

Hold a plank position for a minute, then a side plank for 30 seconds per side. After one set, alternate between up dog and down dog yoga poses until you've hit the 25 minute mark.

Cool off

Minutes 26-30

For the final few minutes of your workout, head outside for a brisk walk to gently lower your heart rate and soak up the mood-boosting benefits of fresh air and natural sunlight.

Jump in the shower, change your clothes, eat a healthy snack and grab some water… you're done.

Now back to work!

Want to share your workout tips and tricks? Why not become a personal trainer; you and inspire your clients and help them to achieve individual fitness goals! 

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