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Kevin Betts - Part Time Course - Weekend 1 & 2

Kevin Betts holding Olympic Torch 2012

Hi, I’m Kevin Betts and I’m a 28 year old runner and mental health campaigner with a passion for goal setting and pushing myself and others beyond expectation.
An Olympic Torch Bearer and veteran of marathons all over the world, I now work with individuals to set goals, push their limits and change their lives. The next step in my plan is to help people to physically improve their lives, too. Working with The Training Room, I’m looking forward to adding to my biology degree and qualify as a Personal Trainer. The Training Room Personal Training Qualification will give me the knowledge and confidence to work with groups of people who want to make positive changes in their lives.

Last weekend I finished the second of seven weeks on The Training Room’s blended learning Personal Training course.

The blended learning course incorporates everything that’s involved with the fast-track intensive six week course, apart from the bolt-ons like studio cycling and gym based boxing, which are still available to participants if they’re able to attend a mid-week session. The beauty of the blended learning course is that it’s weekend based. One weekend per month for seven months is spent at a training centre, which in my case is Southampton. This means that I’m still able to work as normal through the week and undertake the course in manageable chunks.

Be aware, though, that this course isn’t for the light hearted, or for people who simply think they can pay their money and pick up a qualification with no questions asked. The course is time intensive, challenging, and requires a lot of dedication. But that’s no bad thing; On the contrary – it means you can become a fully qualified PT through hard work and knowledge, which is absolutely vital when you realise that people may well be paying you their hard earned money to help them to change their lives for the better.

I was fully aware that I would need to work throughout the month, and knew I couldn’t just turn up each weekend to do a couple of days work. At home, you’re expected to further your knowledge by doing a lot of reading. At the minute that means modules on Anatomy and Physiology and the Principles of Fitness, which are tough but interesting – it doesn’t feel like a chore.

On meeting my class mates and the tutors, Tim and Yvette, I realised I’d made the right decision to undertake the course. There were lots of like minded people there who are intent on helping people to make a physical (and perhaps mental) change for the better. The tutors are friendly and extremely approachable. No question is too stupid and the sessions are set up so that everybody is catered for. It’s safe to say you don’t have to be a genius to do the course because they will offer you all the support and guidance that you need, but you do have to be willing to work hard.

The weekends have so far been a good split between practical and theory. You’re in at the deep end and by the second weekend, we had already undertaken an assessment. But I guess that’s what the fitness industry is like – fast paced and a challenge.
The course materials and guidance are great. There is lots of ‘homework’, but that is backed up by having access to really good learning manuals and the knowledge that the tutors are contactable at any point in the month – it’s not limited to the weekends we’re ‘on course’.

Next up, it’s more gym-based assessments to ensure we know how to interact with clients, as well two exams on the Anatomy and Physiology and Principles of Fitness modules. I’ll update you next time on how they go. For now, it’s safe to say that making the decision to do this course is one of the best I’ve ever made.


Global Administrator | 13/12/2012 16:00:33

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