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Chris Walker-Hebborn - London 2012

Chris Walker- Hebborn
Chris emerged onto the British Swimming scene by winning Gold medals at the National, European and World Junior Championships.

In March 2009, in his first year as a senior, the prolific Junior Champion underscored his potential by winning the 200m backstroke at the British Championships to secure his place at the World Championships in Rome.

At the 2009 World Championships Chris broke the 200m backstroke National Record in qualifying but narrowly missed out on a place in the final finishing 9th. 2 weeks after the event Chris also broke the 200m backstroke Short Course National Record underlining his talent and potential for the future.

For the Olympic Games in 2012 his hope is to compete in the 100m and 200m backstroke, 200m freestyle and the relays.

"I've never been to an Olympic Games and hopefully my first one will be in London 2012. I hear everyone talk about their Olympic experiences and that just drives me on to make sure that my first time is successful, enjoyable and memorable." 

Chris Walker-Hebborn's blog

"Christmas is here, about time, It has been a really hectic year this time round. Usually our seasons do not last this long, but this was because of the Common Wealth Games. The Common Wealth Games will always be an experience to remember, It did not go as well as I had hoped but none the less, I am at the beginning of my career and still believe the best is yet to come.

Having had a nice month's break in the amazing country down under (Australia) visiting my girlfriend and close friends I had a lot of time to reflect on the season, looking at where I can improve at what I have done well. On my return I sat down with my coach to discuss my next seasons plan, with the World Championship trials just round the corner it was time to get back into some heavy training and get ready to bring the rain and show everyone what I am really capable of. In the new year, we have a 5 week camp in Australia, and I cant wait, a chance to get out of the horrible cold and into the height of summer and do some serious training, only to return and jump straight into the World Trials, and hopefully secure my place on the GB team once again. All I can say is I am definitely looking forward to going home over Christmas and having some well earned TLC and home cooked food from the amazing family Chef (Mother).

On a more recent note, I have a small competition coming up this weekend at Plymouth, where I am set to compete in the 100, 200m Freestyle and 100, 200m Backstroke. Its only early season so its more for training purposes and just another chance to get in and race, practice makes perfect right?! After which I shall return to the county of Suffolk to see the family and get ready for a nice 5 week camp down under.

After the World Trials, and hopefully securing my place on the team, it will leave me with a good few months to get back on top of training and focus on the forth coming events, hopefully to improve on my previous world championship result of 9th!"

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